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I read the following article online about a recent election spending issue, in Pickering, here is a link to the metroland story.   Here is the quote that really bothers me.

“The issue would first go to the City’s compliance audit committee that would consider the issue and make recommendations to the Province. But this will only happen if someone files a complaint.”

 What they don’t tell you is if the audit committee decided there was no basis for the audit then the person that filed the complaint has to pay the costs!   Who is going to complain?

We set a lot of rules for election finance , election conduct etc but nobody wants to enforce them.

Why is it up to a citizen to register a complaint?  If the City or Town is aware there is an issue the City or Town should begin a process to look into it.   I don’t mean frivolous or axes to grind but obvious infractions.

I looked at statements online and wonder about omissions ,  we all saw signs and brochures but some candidates did not declare the costs or inventory.   How am I supposed to know what they spent? It basically is the honour system but if obvious rules were broken, I resent the fact nothing can be done without someone making an official complaint. 

This is out of the Municipalities control, it is the Municipal Elections Act that determines how this process is carried out. 

If the press uncovers a spending issue , they represent the people as far as I am concerned, so Mr. Dickerson could have spent millions over his limit but if no one makes an official complaint– who cares!  .   Do you?


I have been quiet lately and not writing much because my cynicism is getting the best of me and that is not fair to anyone. 

I went to an Open House for Wards 1 and 2 recently,  it was a good session so when they have the next one the participants are going to want answers an resolution to their issues raised.

I am not aware of an Open House for wards 3 and 4.   

Some bloggers come out a blazing and quietly fade away after a month or so, I have been here since 2007 and the only way I can keep it up is to take breaks when my interest takes a dive. 

The Sunshine list data was complete but I did not get it posted,  I will say the increases are less and it is very difficult to understand a municipal salary!  The Town says they are strict on cashing out vacation time so I have no choice but to believe them.   I think what I saw a few years ago with the large increases were perhaps a salary grid that was re-calibrated with jobs reclassified etc.   It’s a municipal mystery I guess.

I appreciate the emails asking if I was ok etc.   Do you think the Mayor missed me?   I am friends with Steve Parish on facebook!  Yes I am,  he is an amazing photographer in Austrailia!  take a look at some of his work.

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  1. Marsha Dooley Says:

    So Good to hear from you. Come out on Thursday for the discussion on the bike lanes to be drawn on Delaney. I wonder if ‘talking’ about it will make a difference. As far as I know the lines are drawn on the offical plan. Can talking change that? Is the meeting held just so it can be said, a meeting with the residents was held? I’ve been to many through the years, people talking but no one listening.

    Admin: Ok, I will come out to it. I do ride a bike but I am not a commuter cyclist so our trails are good enough for me. Delaney is a bus route so it probably makes sense especially if kids are riding.

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