Happy New Year- a little late

Happy New Year!  The Steamplant issue is finally resolved from what I heard.   That is all I know at the moment.

Every four years some of us would ponder why our Town had to pack up and go elsewhere for it’s Educational Strategic planning session ,  when I would ask I was told they went out of town so they would not be concerned with local distractions. This year they seem willing to put up with local distractions because it is being held at Carruthers Marsh Pavilion over a day and a half.   If they want the Orillia feel for a bit they can shoot up to the slots I guess.

Here is a link to the Agenda .

The Mayor is on a mission to have the stimulus funds not shut off for the Village I read,  budget is coming up next month.

If you want to send me postings go ahead , I am busy at work currently so my energy level for blogging is in a bit of a dip downward.   I have renewed the blog for another year so no worries , I am not going away just taking a breather.

If something earth shattering occurred I will post it.

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  1. SM Says:

    Welcome back Karem!. I was starting to get worried since there’s been very little activity here.

    It’s so refreshing to hear of Ajax council finally doing something right. Hosting these meetings in Orillia were expensive and unnecessary. It was brought up during the debate and also mentioned in the newspaper. I wonder why they suddenly decided against going there?. If they want peace and quiet and don’t want to be disturbed, they can simply turn off their cell phones, lock the doors, and put a sign on the door that says “do not disturb”. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars going to a resort in Orillia for productivity. Let’s hope that Regional council follows in the footsteps of Ajax by having their meeting closer to home.

    On a different subject… I see that Ajax council is getting a pay increase. Also, I hear that our taxes are going up again (no surprise there).

    Admin: Thanks for missing me! The raise was decided before, it is old news. The taxes going up , agreed, no surprise. Going to Orillia would be very bad PR. I would like to know how many Municipalities booked their retreats in Ajax!

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