Lawsuit Watch- Colleen Jordan now declares a conflict - Steamplant

I was at the last Council meeting and in addition to the Mayor declaring a conflict as he always does because he is named as a person in the lawsuit between Index Energy.   The Steamplant was on the agenda for GGC meeting - In Camera portion.

See the draft minutes here  
Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest
Mayor Parish and Regional Councillor Jordan declared a conflict with respect to Item 4.2 of the
General Government Committee Report, identified as Item 6.1 in these minutes, noting that they
are individually named in a related lawsuit.

I do not know anything else at this time but as you know there was an incident during the election and the thing about elections are, they are elections and separate from Council duties.  So separate that expenses and spending have a lot of rules! 

Colleen Jordan was not acting as a councillor during her “passionate” exchange with Mr. Kerr at the Ward 3 debate.    Colleen Jordan was a candidate in an election and if she had lost she would be a private Citizen. 

The Town of Ajax I hope is not expected to pay any legal costs arising from this election activity. 

Remember in Toronto the issue of Councillor Adrian Heaps that sued a candidate that was smearing him during an election, he won and the Millerites voted to pay his legal expenses against the advice of City of Toronto Legal advice.  Mr. Heaps lost in the last election.  The Council then overturned that decision. 

If Colleen Jordan was acting as a Councillor, this blog writer would say she is entitled to legal fees paid for by we the taxpayers.  

This is not a personal attack,  this is simply a matter of what is right.   The Mayor is named in the lawsuit personally and not in his capacity as Mayor but he is a lawyer himself.   Once this is all over I should submit an FOI to specically see if any legal bills are paid for by the Town for the Steamplant.   

What do you think about this ?  IF– and IF Colleen is named in the lawsuit referenced due to the incident at the election, is she entitled to have her legal fees paid for by us ?

I am sure there will be many citizens “Steamed” if we pay her legal costs!


15 Storey Condo vote —  Mayor, Jordan, Brown, Dies — Yes to Dunbury 
                                               Ashby, Crawford (Marilyn) , Collier  No– Supports the Residents position.

I will wait for an update from Nancy before I post more.   

Kim Dowds won Mr. Bakers contest through  facebook. 

2 Responses to “Lawsuit Watch- Colleen Jordan now declares a conflict - Steamplant”

  1. Michael Baker Says:

    Question Period - Mayor Parish loves it when people ask questions at this portion of a council meeting agenda. The question you’ve aked could be asked at a question period. I’m sure Mayor Parish would have a clear, concise & complete answer. On second thought … I’m not so sure that he would. Like with the 15-storey condo he probably would have to wait until staff issued a report on this topic. The report would come out on a Friday preceding a council meeting. Then a decision (a well kept secret till then) would be made. And if to our dismay Jordan’s lawyer fees were to be paid by the Town of Ajax (with taxpayer money) maybe the people of Ajax would/should rise up & storm Town Hall in protest.
    Personally I believe any costs she may have re this matter should be paid totally by her out of her own pocket. She was not a sitting member of Town Council at the time she made her statements at a public meeting.

    I should have asked the question that night. My bad! We will watch this issue carefully , you have my word on that!

  2. Kurtis McAleer Says:

    I have to agree with Mr. Baker and the majority of taxpayers I’ve spoken to about this issue.

    Councillor Jordan is being sued for things she had said during the campaign not something she’s said during Council.

    I firmly believe if Councillor’s vote for the Town to pay her legal bills it will cost some of them re-election and it would almost definitely cost Councillor Jordan re-election.

    For anyone is interested in why she is being sued just search “Ajax Ward 3 Debate” on Youtube and I’m sure you will figure out why.

    Admin: I emailed the Town about this and have not had a response at all. From anyone.

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