15 Story Condo– Update

Mr. Baker wrote my post before I could.  Here is is last comment that will serve for now until I get to my full post.  

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  1. Victoria Plaskett Says:

    Why is attending Ajax Town Council like stepping into a Stephen Leacock novel? On Monday, December 13, 2010, North Ajax residents appeared before town council opposing the construction of a 15 storey condo at Harwood and Rossland. Read my opinion piece at Victoria Plaskett’s blog on wordpress.com and support us as we prepare for our hearing with the Ontario Municipal Board on January 24, 2011 at 11 am at Ajax Town Council Chambers, 65 Harwood Avenue. Some say it is a ‘done deal’ and the OMB only votes with the ‘professionals’ and we have ‘zero chance.’ Personally, I have zero time for negativity. The OMB is designed to provide a fair hearing to impartially weigh the interests of both neighbourhood residents and planners. Let’s hope that happens on Jan. 24th.

    Thanks, I will read it. All I can give you is my best wishes and hope everything works out. I drove by there the other day and still can not picture a structure that size being built in that area. You must get more people to the meeting, they need to see the bodies show up for the hearing, the OMB hearings take place at Town Hall I believe.

  2. admin Says:

    The link you provided in your name is not working correctly.

  3. Victoria Plaskett Says:

    I agree we need bums in seats! Lots of them!That makes a huge impression on decison makers. OMB hearing is being held on January 24-26 at 11 am, Ajax Town Council Chambers, 65 Harwood Avenue, Ajax. So, residents of Smales, Twigg, Ingold, Rossland, Harwood, Fishlock or anywhere in Ajax for that matter….get out and support those who are working on your behalf.

    Admin: Is your group doing a flyer and letting residents know about it?

  4. Victoria Plaskett Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion about flyers. Great idea and I can distribute those just prior to the OMB hearing as a reminder for North Ajax residents. Correction to the time: hearing is on Jan. 24 at 10 am. Thanks.

    Flyers before a meeting are always important, people who signed a petition still need to be engaged in the process.

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