Durham Regional Chair - things that make you go hmmm !

Steve Parish and Colleen Jordan selected Roger Anderson over John Mutton who was very vocal on Direct Election , something that Mr. Parish has been talking about forever.   Shaun voted for Mutton however.

This is why it needs to be opened up to the public,  there was obviously some backroom crap going on and we can only assume Roger’s was not as bad as Mutton’s to result in Anderson’s most vocal critics to actually vote for him.

If anyone wants to share anything that won’t get me sued– I will post it!   I have some anonymous information but since I don’t publish stuff without a name and verifying the validity ,  I won’t post it.   I was not surprised by the information however.

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  1. Michael Baker Says:

    There’s no such thing as backroom crap when it comes to politics. However very often what you see & hear at council meetings can be considered crap.
    Anderson was the only choice & everyone but the six who would not face reality realized that Anderson was their best & only choice once again to serve as regional chair.
    Congratulations to Jordan & Parish for voting sensibly.
    If Collier continues to not know how best to use his vote we need not worry because now that there are four women on Ajax Town Council all will be well.
    The public had best get their acts in gear. There is no public on a daily basis in Ajax that seems to care about much that comes before council.
    At the regional level the public was not obviously public enough when it came to attending all the many open houses & reading the multitude of information as the incinerator process unfolded.
    The public it seems are very very few in number. This last election proved that & either all the political crap in Durham is keeping the public away or the public is too engrossed in other more rewarding matters to really care what is going on in Durham.
    Tune in on December 13 when the public of Ajax has their first opportunity to be really public & perform as the public should so that our elected representatives can sit up & take note that the Ajax public won’t stand for crap.

  2. admin Says:

    I received an email from the Mayor asking why he supported Roger Anderson over John Mutton. I am still in shock at getting the email!

    Dear Karem,

    The choice was difficult. Both candidates committed to direct election of the Chair and a review of representation to reflect current population. You may have noted Mr. Anderson’s commitment to these points and Transit improvements for Ajax in his acceptance remarks. So on the issues important to Ajax there was no difference. Mr. Anderson has considerable experience and ability. I have known Mr. Mutton for some time and I could not prefer him over Mr. Anderson.

    I hope that clarifies my decision.

    Mayor Steve Parish
    Town of Ajax
    65 Harwood Avenue South
    Ajax, ON L1S 2H9
    (905) 619-2529 Ext 3332
    Fax (905) 683-8207

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