Bingo Hall proposal - Notice in Wednesday’s News Advertiser

I was sent an email alerting me to the Public notice about a proposal for a Bingo Hall on Westney Road in Ajax.  Here is a story on the issue from earlier in the year.   It states they have to re-apply because they did not give sufficient notice to the surrounding community.

I am busy getting ready for the Holidays so I did not notice the public notice either! 

Council Term starts tomorrow! (Monday) 

17 Responses to “Bingo Hall proposal - Notice in Wednesday’s News Advertiser”

  1. Michael Baker Says:

    B-I-N-G-O … yes I can hardly wait for another much needed amenity in Ajax. In North Ajax there are plazas popping up everywhere. There are Shopper’s Drug Marts on every corner & drive-thru Tim Horton’s on another & a dentist office (5 in an office in some) on another & of course a gas station on the other. How could anyone not want a bingo establishment in Ajax? After turning out in huge numbers on October 25 to re-elect basically the same council to office so we can have even more tax rate increases. Nothing better than a relaxing evening playing bingo & the slots in Ajax. Come on! Seriously how can anyone in Ajax not want a Bingo Hall on Westney Road?

    I believe it was the existing Charities that had issue with another Bingo Hall moving in, once the Bingo Country or whatever it was called closed because of the Casino Charities found a home elsewhere. A new Bingo location will not nessesarily bring more players , it will dilute the existing player base according to those opposed.

  2. Marsha Dooley Says:

    This was one of my main campaign items! A lot of doors I knocked on didn’t know Ajax had any issues and thought the bingo hall issue was done and over.

  3. SM Says:

    Wasn’t there a Bingo Hall located on Monarch just south of the fire hall?. I haven’t noticed whether or not it’s still in business.

    It doesn’t matter to me whether or not a Bingo Hall is opened at this plaza. I’d like to hear more feedback from those who are in favour and those who are against. Personally I can’t see the harm. That plaza could really use some new business. There’s a big Bingo Hall located in Pickering near Brock and Bayly. It’s been there for years and I haven’t heard any complaints from residents. The charities may be upset that there’s another Bingo Hall coming to Ajax but that’s called business!. Were they upset when the Ajax slots opened up or when that place was expanded?.

    I do agree with Michael in regards to the landscape of Ajax. It’s starting to feel a little crowded for my liking. Every inch of land is being developed. I do agree with Michael that Ajax has it’s fair share of gas stations and doughnut shops. Lately I notice a lot of activity going on along Bayly between Salem and Lakeridge. More land up for sale and homes being torn down. No doubt it will be more plazas or industrial development. It should help with our already busy roads and gridlock. I heard recently that one of the big insurance companies released a study showing the worst places in Ontario for driving. Guess who made the top 5 list?.. Should I give a hint??.

    Admin: People are giving less to charities so if the Bingo in Pickering is filling that void then yes it would not be a good thing to have another Bingo back in Ajax after the charities found a new home, yes it is business but Bingo is a different business. Many local groups were displaced when the one on Monarch closed after the Casino came.

  4. SM Says:

    Sure.. but suppose the people of Ajax enjoy playing Bingo and want one?. Whether or not this would have an impact on local charities is not the point. It has to do with what the people of this town want!. It’s business!.

    If council decides the Bingo Hall can’t open it’s doors for business in Ajax, then the people will simply go to towns that do (ie: Pickering). Why not keep the money here?. Is there not enough room for both in this town (Bingo & Charity) ?.

    I don’t play Bingo and couldn’t care less if we had one. I just don’t agree with the idea that this matter has to be brought to council for discussion and voted on. What’s there to discuss?. It’s another business looking to open it’s doors. It’s not like they’re opening another Casino for the purpose of gambling which requires a license.

    Charities do a lot of good but at the same time I don’t see why they should get special treatment either. If people aren’t donating to charities now they won’t be donating after the Bingo Hall is built either.

    I don’t know the whole story or the details but a bingo is gambling so there is a different process then a regular establishment. Let’s just wait to see what happens.

  5. Marsha Dooley Says:

    Here is the information I have received on the streets and in conversations. Service clubs in Ajax lost their source of funding when Ajax opened the slots and closed the Ajax Bingo. Service clubs were told they would get a proportional share of 5% of the slots profit. That has not happened. Service clubs have had to find other ways and means to raise money for the community. Pickering Rotary still works the Delta Bingo in Pickering which is not making the profits previously experienced. Whitby Bingo hall is not doing the business they once did. If Ajax opens a Bingo hall again one will fail because there is not enough to support three Bingo Halls.
    Residents in the area are very much concerned that there are two day care centres in that plaza, the increase parking that could spill over onto their streets and the safety concerns of traffic congestion. Bingos are usually in non-residential areas.
    It was decided by Ajax that our Town could not support the slots and a Bingo Hall so the Bingo Hall was closed. What has changed that in the past 6 years?

    Thanks Marsha for the perspective and information.

  6. Marsha Dooley Says:

    Read the issues:
    June 27, 2010

    May 27, 2010

    May 19, 2010

    March 4, 2010

  7. Michael Baker Says:

    Issues in Ajax??? … no way … If there ever has been since I moved here in 2003 then these so called issues obviously have left no impact on the voters.It seems that the voters of Ajax are immune to local issues. The voters of Ajax are an incumbents best friends.
    If we are talking about an issue as a vital unsettled matter then issues have not existed in Ajax since 2003.
    If we are talking about a dispute between two or more parties then sure Ajax has its share of these.
    My point is the voters of Ajax are not politically affected by issues that come before council.
    All is well in Ajax!
    Peace is flowing like a river.

    People are more apathetic then ever, on anything. If it does not affect them personally they don’t care. If it affects them financially they can’t be bothered.

  8. SM Says:

    I have to agree with Michael’s comment (Dec 11th) and Karem’s response. The only thing I’ll add is that this problem that Michael speaks about has been going on long before 2003. Sadly, it’s become a tradition here.

    The only time people will actually speak out or attend a protest is when they’re about to lose their home or can’t afford to put food on the table. It’s only when it directly affects their quality of living. Take for instance the HST. There was barely a peep from the citizens of this Province. It didn’t seem to matter that gasoline jumped like 6 cents overnight. It didn’t matter that getting a haircut went up in price. People just keep paying because the extra buck or two ain’t going to hurt them. So life goes on as usual and everyone remains silent. When people start losing their homes and having to give up their toys, then maybe we’ll start seeing more angry taxpayers participating on election day.

    I had a surprise in my bank account today!

  9. SM Says:

    I guess your “bribe cheque” came just in time for Christmas Karem. I’m still waiting for mine. LOL

    Yup and already spent!

  10. Marsha Dooley Says:

    You are all so right. Not just Ajax but Ontario amazes me at how easily they roll over. When Bob Rae brought in the 5% and 8% tax on insurance premiums Ontario said OK. The same was attempted in western provinces, which resulted in such a huge uproar, they had to cave on the issue. Insurance tax to policy holders is tax on tax. Insurers pay tax on the base premiums!
    Bringing in the HST took down the Premier of BC but in Ontario not much noise at all. Wonder if they’ll make their noise in the 2012 election? BTW…. It was the Mike Harris government that took away the 5% tax on (mandatory) auto policies. We still have 8% tax on all other policies. Retail Sales Tax no longer exists, replaced by HST but our Ontario government couldn’t give up the insurance tax so they set up a NEW department to handle just Insurance Tax! Aren’t we special?

    If there is next time for me at running for office I will try to bite my tongue and not bring up any ‘issues’, just talk of the weather, nice lawns and ‘world peace’.

    admin: There are issues and you can continue to bring them up ! Mbaker was just playing with words!

  11. Allen Says:

    I agree that Bingo is a form of gambling as are lottery tickets. I give to charities of my choosing and hardly agree that charity bingo’s will fill a donation void. The people who can least afford it will yet again be encouraged to spend money on wasteful things instead of paying down their debt.
    Anyone actually see the numbers to justify Ajax bingo revenue/charity increase vs decrease in charity donations by Ajaxian’s?

    I sit back and wait to see my municipal taxes drop due to the local casino revenue. The more people gamble the more we get in return was my understanding. Not happened (tax decrease) though I do see some intelligent spending has occurred with the revenue cut we did receive.

    As for the HST… Ouch… My Hydro bill & other expenses have noticeably increased. I have not received a refund in my bank account. :( Doubt we even qualify after reading the specifications. I filled in several petitions but expect nothing will happen until the election in 2012. I am sorry for not being available to join the protest queue with a placard… I am out working hard to pay my tax bills and to fill CPP & EI coffers for others.
    So when we kick out the seated Govt, what does one really think is going to happen? No one will be willing to give up the revenue stream from the HST changes.

    Sorry for the rants but I did see these topics above and thought I voice my opinions.


    Admin: No need to apologise to me for a rant! I opened this blog just for that purpose :) Welcome to the blog. I don’t know how many chartities are funded by the bingo but I was part of a local sports association that used the previous bingo to subsidise the registration fee for houseleague. When the bingo closed, the fees went up.

  12. SM Says:

    I still don’t see how or why this Bingo Hall should be denied the right to set up business in this town. This argument that it takes money away from charities is nonsense. Maybe we could apply the same logic to all the new fast food and coffee shops popping up in town. People are more likely to spend their money on coffee and doughnuts and are encouraged to do so because they’re on every corner. The temptation is there.

    If people want to waste their money on wasteful things like smokes, scratch tickets, booze, or Bingo that’s their problem. It’s all about choice!. The last thing we need is to have the nanny state telling us what we can and can’t do. We’ve already got enough of that now.

    How can you say yes to a Casino but say no to a Bingo Hall. That’s discrimination. Also, if people aren’t donating to charity now they probably won’t be after the Bingo Hall is built either.

  13. Marsha Dooley Says:

    To SM:
    It is not a case of asking people to donate money to a charity. The people that work the bingos are volunteers for a charity. Working free to raise money for their noble cause. If you are giving up your Sundays or any other time of day, to run the bingo, you will only do it if it is profitable. If the playing field is diluted it won’t work, people won’t volunteer and the bingo hall can’t pay it’s operating costs.
    Is it a case (as with water) of letting business find its level or is it a set up for failure?

  14. Marsha Dooley Says:

    “The Bingo Hall Proposal, originally scheduled for the Jan. 17, 2011 Community Affairs & Planning meeting, has been removed from the agenda and will be re-scheduled at a later date, to be determined.”


  15. Marsha Dooley Says:

    Ajax bingo hall once again being considered

    May 16, 2011 at 7 p.m.
    Town Hall, 65 Harwood Ave. S.

  16. Marsha Dooley Says:

    Monday Night May 16th - Council Chambers 7pm

    Ajax bingo hall once again being considered

    May 16, 2011 at 7 p.m.
    Town Hall, 65 Harwood Ave. S

  17. rita Says:

    Can we please have a bingo hall in Ajax I have a Senior livingbwith me that would love to have a bingo in Ajax but donnt bring in the machine she cant afford this

    What do you mean my machine? We already have slots. I tried bingo once myself, I could only manage 2 cards at once! plus I did not have a bunch of little trolls to put in front of me, I was ostracised by the bingo community! :)

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