15 Storey Condo Public Meeting

Nancy Henry sent me the following meeting notice.

Here is an interesting article on High Denisity in Durham.    This is the scenario that is playing out at Rossland and Harwood.  

This is why planning is so important and involving the existing community is paramount for harmony. 

The meeting is not in the public meeting list yet on the Town Site. 

4 Responses to “15 Storey Condo Public Meeting”

  1. Michael Baker Says:

    Dec 13/10 is the date of the first CAP meeting followed by the first full council meeting. Maybe the 15 storey condo proposal will be on the CAP agenda. Sure hope so. This would provide for a rousing way to start the members of council off on their exciting four year adventure. I’m sure chambers would have a full house for both meetings. Hopefully these two council meetings would be the first of many wake-up calls to the voters of Ajax.

  2. SM Says:


    I wish I could agree with you…. but I don’t think there’s anything that will ever wake up Ajax voters. The last couple elections have proven this.

  3. Michael Baker Says:

    W4H was/is a very popular game for students … a general knowledge game based on questions starting with - who, what, where, when & how.
    Are you ready to play?
    In order to play you must have attended the Dec 13/10 CAP meeting.
    1. Who runs Ajax … staff or council?
    2. What 3 members of council always vote with Mayor Parish?
    3. Where in the Ajax were the 600 people who signed the petition to stop the 15 storey condo?
    4. When will the voters of Ajax come to their senses & start dealing with the “crap” that results from Town council meetings?
    5. How can the 15 storey condo as proposed & passed 4 to 3 by council not but have a numerous & significant adverse impact on the area of Rossland & Harwood?
    Please submit your answers to Karem by 11:59 pm on Dec 14/10.
    The first person to answer the most questions correctly will receive a year’s free pass to all council meetings + will receive all staff reports mailed to their home + will get an autographed picture of Mayor Parish & his 3 disciples.

    Admin: I fired up the computer to write my post but you already did it for me so I wil wait until your contest closes before I write my full post. The important part is the recorded vote of 4/3 in favour of Donbury. Nancy has worked very hard and the people who put their name on the petition should have been in attendance to support her and the cause they feel so strongly about.

  4. Marsha Dooley Says:

    Michael I won’t play your game, even though I know all the correct answers because I don’t want the PRIZE??? lol

    Yes, Where were the 600 that signed? I made enquiries today about a previous Condo construction I knew was defeated. I was told that condo application was defeated in the Village only because 2000 people signed the petition AND a large percentage of those ANGRY people showed up to protest.

    Why allow Dunbury a free pass on the parking and not use that non-compliance for all it’s worth?

    Residents Real Estate agents will be swarming the neighbourhood. It’s not personal just business!

    Admin: My post will go up tonight, last night was a long drive home. The Town will not go to the OMB for a neighbourhoold issue, that is clear, it will only go to the OMB for an entire Town wide issue.

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