I have the perfect Date for next Municipal Election - being Political

The next Municipal Election should be around December 2 or so.  Why on this date you ask ?   

I just saw the Ajax Community Recreation and Parks guide.  Walk in registration starts on December 2nd.  More people sign up for programs then voted I bet !   Make people vote before they sign up their kid for swimming lessons!

There was a letter to the editor in today’s print paper regarding Town of Ajax cost overuns.    The questions were asked but not enough people cared.   Less will care at Budget time.    The Town is looking for people to be Friends of St. Francis. to help with fundraising. 

The Town bought the Church before the recession and before the economic action plan application process.   I still don’t buy the 2 week window of an estimation to obtain this funding.   I have a copy of the application.   What was the town doing between this time in terms of trying to obtain better cost estimates ?  

Since the collective memory of Voters in this town seems to be very short I will make new folders on the blog to file things in the year of term–  Term Year 1, Term Year 2 , Term Year 3 ,  Term Year 4  , then when Oct 2014 rolls around you can just consult these folders and then go — “Oh Ya,  that was in the early part of the term, I almost forgot about that issue”.

The Town continues to work on Engaging the Citizens but I don’t think that is the issue.   It had me thinking about it.   We have a very engaged community,  people do volunteer  they participate in activities but if you ask many people at these events if they voted and the answer very well could be– “I’m not political”  or “I’m not into Politics”.

Term Limits.  I believe in them at the Municipal level since there are no official parties to be thrown out after we are sick of them.   As I have said before ,  if you can’t get your ideas implemented within 8 years , it is time to move on.   It does not matter how great you are new ideas and new people is what increases interest and involvement.   More leaders would be lining up for the job with open races more often.  

What is it with people?  Why don’t we want to shake things up once in a while ?  Come on Ajax, let’s live a little and have some political excitement!

Mark my words,  if Mr. Parish thinks it is going to be OK to bequeath this Town to someone else to run before the next election there will be hell to pay.  This Town never seems to vote for new Mayors in elections,  Parish was appointed remember, I forget why.  If this scenario plays out then the person that accepts an appointment to be Mayor better declare they will not run for the job when the term is up.    

 A Mayor could come from North Ajax for a change if Ward 1 and 2 would get off their asses and vote!

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