Duffins Park incident- kids run over -updated 10pm

I read this article online, it is reprinting stories from the Star since it has local relevance.  

I remember when this happened and thought it was crazy the kids were run over.  I went looking for the original new-stories from metroland , the search feature goes back quite a few years.  I searched on a variety of terms but could not locate the story.  It was front page news at the time ,  there was a picture of grass area if memory serves me. 

I wonder why the story was gone from the archives. 
[edit] I found the article finally, searching only on the term SIU -  The article did not use the officer’s name.

Ajax has Knights on Guard to patrol our parks for extra security.  What would have been the outcome if it had been one of their officers patrolling that ran over the kids? 

What kind of powers do Knights on Guard have in our parks ? If your teenager is just hanging around like a lot of kids do,  what will happen ?   Are they just told to vacate the park ?   Not all groups of kids in a location are out to cause trouble and they need to be treated fairly while assessing the situation.  

What I would like to know is if Knights on Guard comes across a group of people , what are their powers and what is the complaint process for Citizens if something happens ? Just contact our Bylaw ? 

Just something to think about,  I want safe parks as much as you do but I also want to be sure innnocent kids are not treated like criminals by security officers.

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  1. SM Says:

    That artcle talks about whether or not the headlights were on when the car drove through the park. Unless police cars are somehow different, aren’t all cars built after 1990 equipped with daytime running lights??. So even if the headlight switch was turned off those lights should still be on (unless of course it was an American car which doesn’t require DRL).

    It’s questionable why the cop was driving his car through a park at night. I thought they had spotlights?. At the same time, you’d have to wonder how anybody could not hear the car coming towards them. There’s probably a lot of details we’re not aware of.

    As for having a security firm patrolling the parks, I’m in favour of that. There’s been way too much vandalism, theft, and other crimes committed in my neighbourhood. It usually happens during the summer months and at night. You call the police and sometimes they don’t even show up. Having a private security firm assisting the police by monitoring the area probably isn’t a bad idea. I don’t agree with harassing kids if they’re minding their own business but unfortunately there’s a lot of them out there who have nothing better to do but destroy private property. I have a friend who’s daughter has been questioned by police on numerous occasions. She was hanging out in a park and claims she’s being harassed. What she forgets is that she’s doing drugs and that’s reason to be concerned!

    This past summer hasn’t been too bad in my neighbourhood but in recent years we’ve had a lot of trouble. One neighbour awoke to find 2 guys in her garage at 5am. They trashed the place. They also spray painted her 2 cars (interior included), and also wrote obscene words on her brick wall. Called the police and they didn’t show up. Just took notes.

    Another neighbour awoke at 1am when a group of kids threw a large planter through his front window. He found flowerpots on his roof and car. Called the police and they didn’t show up till 10am.

    Trash bin in the local park was torched. We had an individual who was dealing drugs in the local park. Reported it to crime stoppers. Nothing happened. Kid eventually moved. Sewer covers removed in the local park and not put back in place. Could pose a danger to anyone walking through there at night.

    So yes… I’m in favour of security patrolling our parks.

    Admin: I bet police cars are different then regular cars, they have to be able to disable lighting when needed. I support the patrols so don’t get me wrong. How do you know she was doing drugs? The cop should not have been driving on the grass area at all.
    What I want to know also is , where is the metroland original story on the incident and how was it reported at the time is what I want to know. Why does your street have so much trouble?

  2. SM Says:

    I know she was doing drugs because her father told me (and she told him). As for the metroland story…. aren’t they connected to the Star?.

    I don’t know for sure why my street has so much trouble. I do have a theory though. I know it’s not just my area that is experiencing problems. I have a family member in north Ajax near Sobeys that had his house broken into 5 times. He even had a security system!.

    Admin: Metroland is owned by Torstar which owns the Toronto Star.

  3. HPI Says:

    As for harassing youths in the parks. After 11pm and before 6am Ajax parks are closed and become private property and all persons on parks between those hours are violating the trespass to property act the same as if you had persons hanging out on a personal property ie. your house. And so are asked to leave the parks, arrests are not made unless the person is informed of the by law and refuses to leave the property when asked to do so. Also, those engaged in prohibited activity or even disturbing activity in the parks are subject to being removed from the parks by security the same way you would escort a guest who is acting inappropriately on your personal property or in your house. Security when contracted are in placed in Lawful Authority of that park and therefore have full authority to ask anyone to leave at any time again as a person has that right on their own private property. If youths are not causing any harm and are in the park during operating hours (6am-11pm) they will not be bothered by Parks Security. However everyone in the park or in the parking lots in the parks after 11pm and before 6am will be politely informed of the closing time and asked to leave the premises.

    Admin: sorry missed this comment.

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