Fun with Election Math - Local Races more meaningful?? Ballot design?

I took the Election Results and wanted to count up and compare the races. More voted in the local races then in the total of the Regional Races and all the people that voted locally did not cast a ballot for the Mayor.   The ballots are not spoiled because they are counted for the local races. Here are the total counts. 

 Stolen from newsadvertiser Reka’s blog, thanks, 

Steve Parish - 13,541 (79 per cent)
Sherry Clymer - 3,582 (21 per cent)

Ward 1 Local Councillor
Marilyn Crawford - 1,753 (43 per cent)
Katie Kortekaas - 1,314 (32 per cent)
Robert MacArthur - 571 (14 per cent)
Jacob McMaster - 220 (5 per cent)
Raymond Durrani - 198 (5 per cent)

Ward 2 Local Councillor
Renrick Ashby - 2,064 (54 per cent)
Nancy Henry - 1,494 (39 per cent)
Chandra Kumaran - 246 (7 per cent)

Ward 3 Local Councillor
Joanne Dies - 1,999 (47 per cent)
Marsha Jones Dooley - 1,217 (29 per cent)
Terry Knox - 1,007 (24 per cent)

Ward 4 Local Councillor
Pat Brown - 2,589 (51 per cent)
Lisa Patel - 1,276 (25 per cent)
Lynda Everson - 1,259 (25 per cent)

Regional Councillor Wards 1 and 2
Shaun Collier - 3,385 (44 per cent)
Scott Crawford - 3,047 (39 per cent)
Khari Gaynor - 1,257 (16 per cent)

Regional Councillor Wards 3 and 4
Colleen Jordan - 5,516 (62 per cent)
Kim Dowds - 3,403 (38 per cent)

Now when adding up all the votes I came up to the following numbers.

People that Voted added together in all the Local Ward Races comes to 17,207 — wards 1-2-3-4 added together.

People that voted for Local but did not cast a ballot for Mayor– 84 .

People that voted for Local but did not continue down the ballot to the Regional Races: Wards 1 and 2 ,  171 voted locally but not in the Regional 1 and 2 race.

People that voted for Local in Wards 3 and 4 but did not vote for the Regional Candidates : 428 difference.

Townwide people that voted locally but did not vote in the Regional Races,  599

515 counted is the people who voted for Mayor but not a Regional Councillor.

I have no trouble finding the names on the ballot but I know the process, I don’t recall what the ballot looks like but a lot of people are not aware of the different Levels. 

The Mayor candidates are first and then the local then regional– I think.   We need to look at the ballot .  The person is in the booth and we are confusing them in the simple act of democracy.

Maybe it should be bright colours — a colour for Mayor choices,  another colour for Local and another colour for Regional and another colour for School Board choices or hand them separate ballots for each race.  Yes it is more paper but it is worth it.

Is the issue the voters not marking properly ?   It would be nice to know if there were marks that were not scanned and counted.    How forgiving is the machine ?  With so few people voting,  we have to be sure every vote is indeed counted as long as the ballot is not spoiled.

Ajax has the council we deserve.

The Regional Councillors have to do a better job of being sure they are getting known in the Neighbourhoods.    Candidates in Regional Races have a harder time getting known.

Congrats to almost all in the race–  Raymond and Sherry do not get my best wishes,  I am not a candidate and don’t have to be so gracious :)  ……  It’s a new term …..  new beginning ..   I want everyone to hear voices in their dreams.

I am taking a blog break for a bit-  comments will be monitored still.   New council will be sworn in - in December. 

See you then.   I am here for 4 years,  some of you will be back in 3 and a half years.   We will hold the fort while you go back to your regular routine.

2 Responses to “Fun with Election Math - Local Races more meaningful?? Ballot design?”

  1. SM Says:

    Were any of the ballots spoiled?.

    I was comparing the results from the 2006 Election. I realize the wards have a changed and there were more candidates running. This might also play a role in the numbers. Interestingly, they all managed to gain more votes except for Pat Brown.

    Steve Parish
    2006 - 10,213 votes
    2010 - 13,541 votes

    Colleen Jordan
    2006 - 5,250 votes
    2010 - 5,516 votes

    Renrick Ashby
    2006 - 1,302 (lost to Dickson who had 2,462 votes)
    2010 - 2,064

    Joanne Dies
    2006- 1,927 votes
    2010- 1,999

    Pat Brown
    2006 - 2,703 votes
    2010 - 2,589 votes

    Admin: The Lakeside Pavillion Issue must have caused that, it did not come up at the debates but perhaps it did at the ballot box. The new community centre up near the sportsplex is in open bidding until the 29th of October, want to bet a loonie it will be over budget and the winner of the bid will have unforseen costs ?

  2. Michael Baker Says:

    The down side to doing this election’s after math is the fact that …
    * 50407 (74%) eligible voters out of 68092 did not cast ballots
    * Ajax has a mayor elected by 19.9% of eligible voters
    * Crawford in Ward 1 was elected by 9.8% of the eligible voters
    * 22.7% of the eligible voters cast ballots in Ward 1
    * Ashby in Ward 2 was elected by 11.2% of eligible voters
    * 20.7% of the eligible voters cast ballots in Ward 2
    * Dies in Ward 3 was elected by 13.9% of eligible voters
    * 29.3% of the eligible voters cast ballots in Ward 3
    *Brown in Ward 4 was elected by 14.8% of eligible voters
    * 29.4% of the eligible voters cast ballots in Ward 4
    * Collier in Wards 1&2 was elected by 9.3% of eligible voters
    * 21.2% of the eligible voters cast ballots in Wards 1&2
    * Jordan in Wards 3&4 was elected by 17.3% of eligible voters
    * 28.0% of the eligible voters cast ballots in Wards 3&4
    * 20.2% say yes to electing Durham chair but 79.8% said it doesn’t matter
    Eligible Voters according to Ajax
    Ward 1 = 17840
    Ward 2 = 18392
    Ward 3 = 14412
    Ward 4 = 17448

    Now if people (members of council + Town staff + eligible voters) really believe Vote: It Matters then certain things must happen very soon in order to make the following statements a living reality in Ajax:
    Vote: It Matters
    Take A Stand
    It’s Your Future
    It’s Your Neighbourhood
    It’s Your Quality of Life
    It’s Your Roads
    It’s Your Parks
    It’s Your Environment
    It’s Your Right
    It’s YourSay
    So what happens next? Who really cares? Will those awakened during the election disappear from the Ajax political scene once again? Will the Town of Ajax sit back & continue to be proud for what they did for this past election & wash their hands of the whole 26% voter turnout?
    Tune in As The Town Turns beginning Dec 6/10 at a Town Chambers near you.

    I will be there !

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