Ajax Results 2010 -

Uneventful,   here are the results from Reka’s blog.   She had lost of pics also,  I was not able to make it to Town Hall. 

The election is over the people have spoken,  well 17,000 or so.   Voter turnout is up 3% to 26% from 23% but it is not something to be proud of and Ajax (Citizens– I am referring to) should still be ashamed of itself for this apathy that is rampant. 

4 more years to work on it for Voices of Ajax.   New things coming.  

Taking a bit of a breather for a bit.  

Congrats to all ,  time to move on.   I can accept democracy but not apathy.

The winners that submitted surveys ,  they will stay on the page for your Term,  that would be Marilyn Crawford  and Shaun Collier.   Thanks for participating by the way, it was appreciated that you felt it worthwhile.   

Marilyn has committed to regular town hall meetings in her ward. 

Mr. Baker, please keep us informed of the sound system issue.

 There won’t be a new council meeting until December. 

Congrats to all the new councillors in Durham.

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  1. Michael Baker Says:

    You reap what you sow. Council & staff have done little to promote & develop voter interest at the grass roots level. Instead Ajax relied on people visiting their website (don’t think so) & reading The Ajax News Advertiser (don’t think so) & caring about what happens at Town Council (don’t think so).

    Most people obviously had no interest in this election. The turnouts at the CDCD debates showed this to be true & the fact that no group in Ajax came forward to sponsor all candidates’ meetings. (Yes Ajax HS held one for DDSB trustee candidates.)

    Since I’ve lived in Ajax the efforts put forward by council & the Town are minimal & weak & have not produced results because reaching the grass roots via ward councils, community associations/ratepayer groups, school councils, Town advisory committees, neighbourhood watch, church groups, business, Town organizations such as Rotary Club & Royal Canadian Legion & Ajax Lions/Lioness Club & Kinsmen Club & the Optimist Club just is not happening.

    If council & the Town of Ajax really want results - really want to get voters to actively Vote because It Matters … to actually Take a Stand … to actually Participate … then a broader plan of action that reaches the grass roots will be developed & implemented within the first term of office. If this happens then voter turnout will increase beyond 40%. Otherwise as this election has shown the incumbent’s reign continues & voter turnout is pathetic. Long live the status quo in Ajax!

    Admin:So you’re bringing the donuts to the Voices of Ajax debates in 2014? the two that I will sponsor with sponsorships?

  2. SM Says:

    It’s bad enough I’ve been suffering with the flu for the past couple days but to see the results of the Ajax election made me even more sick!. Voter turnout was pathetic!. I guess the town’s efforts to promote the election and get people motivated didn’t go exactly as planned.

    So are Ajax residents truly happy with the direction our council is taking us?. I guess that’s hard to tell considering that most eligible voters didn’t show up. I would say that it’s a 50/50 split. there’s equally just as many people who voted against them. In a few cases there were too many people running in the same ward and this probably helped to split the vote.

    I’ve been trying to find accurate election results. Everbody has something different. For example, one source shows Nancy Henry in third place where another one shows her in second. I’ve noticed the same with a few others.

    I was a bit surprised with the outcome in Oshawa. I figured it would be either John Gray or that Louise Parkes. Where did this John Henry come from?. I was also surprised to see long time councillor of Pickering Rick Johnson defeated.

    I think those individuals who ran for council and were defeated deserve a big thank-you for their hard work and dedication in this election. You brought a lot of good ideas to the table.

    And the fact that the Clymer woman did not have a single sign, no literature and just the free press in the paper , she garnered 21% of the Mayoral Vote. I am dumbfounded. It’s another term and I will continue on my path to raise awareness of things I think are important.

  3. Christie McLardie Says:

    Hi Michael:

    As the Town’s Manager of Communications, I am very proud of our get-out-the-vote efforts. I invite you and others to meet with me to discuss our election communications strategy. The plan was the envy of the Region and has deservedly gained attention across the Province, Canada and North America from experts in the communications, municipal elections and media fields.

    The strategy was a grassroots initiative that involved engagement with all of the groups listed in your posting… plus more. We engaged community groups, faith-based organizations, tenants in apartment buildings, students through an ambassador program and used local schools to distribute information to parents. Other initiatives included the debates you noted (we were the first municipality in the province to partner to provide this opportunity to electors) and special visits to the Ajax GO Station.

    The election and communications teams plan to debrief about what we learned over the course of the last 10 months. I plan on using the information to continue to improve on our communications strategy for elections.

    We are working hard to improve communications with residents. Some tactics work and others will fall short but it is not from a lack of trying or spirit.

    As we enter a new term, I implore you and others to please contact me for information prior to making judgements or assumptions regarding Town programs and initiatives.

    Christie McLardie

    Admin: I edited the post to reflect Citizens, that is what I was referring to. The Town could spend millions and millions but in the end it is the citizens that make the decision to vote. What is out of the Town’s control is lack of media , Toronto Star is not focusing on Durham and News Advertiser is a flyer delivery system in the big picture. I am going to try and do a post election survey and ask those that did not vote why and if they are willing to explain why they did not vote, and will share it with you and Town.

  4. Brian Johnson Says:


    I think the town’s communication team did an outstanding job over the past 10 months. That’s part of the problem. The last 10 months? What about the other 38?

    While the town’s staff did a great job, council never came to the table. 48 months of treating people as an inconvenience can not be made up for with 10 months of a marketing campaign. God forbid a citizen ever actually proactively engage council. Ask mr baker how often his emails are returned or even ackmowledged.

    Town staff can move mountains but as long as council treat people with dismissive contempt people will never get engaged.

  5. Michael Baker Says:

    Hello Christie:
    As a resident/voter of Ajax I remain dissatisfied with the efforts of Town Council & Staff to involve the people of Ajax at a grassroots level not only in matters before council & in the election process but also in their communities/neighbourhoods.
    Members of council never meet with their constituents at open public meetings on matters before council nor do they provide personal websites & newsletters as a means to communicate with their constituents.
    The Town’s Advisory Committees are out of touch with the voters of Ajax. Minutes online are seldom if ever up-to-date.
    Members of the past council did not believe in developing ward councils.
    Members of council & Town staff do not believe in the usefulness of promoting & developing active community associations/ratepayers groups.
    There are no known active Neighbourhood Watch groups that hold public meetings & record their business on behalf of their recorded neighbourhood watch group.
    The most telling indication that community groups, faith-based organizations, tenants in apartment buildings, school councils & the like are not in a participaction state of mind is that there was only ONE all candidate’s meeting in all of Ajax for for 68092 voters.
    Let’s ask CDCD what the total turnout was for these meetings.
    People are quick to point out how much apathy is displayed by we the people of Ajax especially at municipal election time (23% & 26% voter turnout for the past two elections).
    In order to reach the grassroots it is necessary to organize the people. Also people need help in organizing themselves.
    I believe Town Council & staff needs to refocus some of their attention & utilize proven methods in order to accomplish the task of reaching out & actually connecting with & maintaining greater resident participaction.
    Personally I do not see this happening at the present time in Ajax.
    I would welome attending a series of public open houses that focus on this concern & that will lead to developing & implementing a successful plan of action.
    Back in November 2006 an effort was made by council & staff to reach out to we the people of Ajax. The search for input/feedback for the Town’s Strategic Plan produced 152 responses to the Vision Survey & participation by 190 residents in the public forums that were held. There was no follow-up by members of council or by staff to develop continuous meaningful two-way communication with these people or to add more people to the list.
    And yet at the beginning of the October 25, 2010 elections Ajax Town Council & Staff decided to spend taxpayer money to produce a nicely packaged booklet entitled “We Did It Ajax … Together!: Town of Ajax Strategic Plan Success Report 2007-2010 & send it to all residents of Ajax.
    This did not sit well with me.
    As we enter a new term, I implore Town Council & Town Staff to initiate the necessary steps & programs to actually develop & promote greater participaction by we the people in matters that come before council such as community safety, environmental initiatives, protecting employment lands, budget & taxes, economic development & tourism, the Ajax Official Plan, transportation & roads, public awareness & education & cultural initiatives.
    Let’s actually work together to put into action what you say we did together on paper.

    Admin: I think the biggest issue is we need to have an exciting Mayoral race with someone equally qualified and that is what will bring the voters out, right now it’s a matter of — hmmm well , not anything will change so why bother.

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