3rd party connections Updated 5pm

I thought I was done then I saw something that jumped out at me. 

In provincial elections there are political groups that are advocating for issues, they are not the party directly but there are strong ties and voters have to do their homework connecting the dots.

It is harder in a Municipal election.   Since I am in the blogosphere I get email all the time and earlier in the year I was asked to be part of a group that was going to rate candidates,  I linked to them but chose to do my own thing and not commit to any set group.   I wanted to remain impartial and independent, and I have.  

I saw Colleen’s list of contributors and I saw one that was familiar.  

Patricia Kuebler and Paul Kuebler

That name is in my email , news from DurhamClear,  this is a dedicated group of people who work passionately for their environmental issues , I commend them for doing so and I do value our environment.  

However , everyone knows me and my transparency issues.   Durham Clear is an advocacy organization that claims the following on their website,

1.2 The organization is a not-for-profit advocacy organization and shall maintain itself as non-partisan-political and non –sectarian.

The listed executive of Durham Clear are these people.

President: Doug Anderson
Vice President & Outreach Committee Chair: Pam Callus
Treasurer: Paul Kuebler
Secretary: Rosemary Todd

I just want voters to be aware that this group , however dedicated they are ,  are not non-partisan if they are financially contributing to a campaign of a councillor.  

They should state on their website that they donate to campaigns of councillors that share their vision and philosophy.  There is nothing wrong with that.  

Colleen Jordan states on her website that she is a top rated candidate by DurhamClear .

If a group is associated to any campaign then they are not impartial and other candidates who are running against them have every right to be suspicious if they were rated less then ideal if there is a bias.   

Colleen was rated high and sent an email to Durham Clear asking them to circulate her fundraiser information including the Town Rebate program.  I received the email with the fundraiser info myself.

This is not an ethical issue here at all,  it is just a matter of voters deserving to know who is who and aligned with what candidates.

A group of Citizens can’t call themselves non-partisan if in the end,  they are partial to certain candidates that will advance their goals.

Polls open in 9 hours! 

I did not donate to any candidates campaign in this election, I had 1 lawn sign on my yard– Support Youth Council.

DurhamClear needs to revise their Constitution.


I had emailed Mr. Doug Anderson the President of DurhamClear.   His email basically informs me that the organization is non partisan but the members and executive are free to do what they want. 

As an organization, DurhamCLEAR is non-partisan. This does not prevent individual members including members of the executive from supporting candidates. What individual members do is not the concern of the organization unless it is counter to the goals of the organization.

Improving the environment is not a theoretical arms-length concern. We are activists, and that means supporting those most likely to institute the changes we feel are necessary.



His response is what I expected and there is no rule being broken.   The group only raises money from the general public.  
but is also funded in part by CAW environmental council and other environmental groups.   

I think the constitution should be clearer in that even though the group does not fund campaigns , all its members and executive are free to do so.  

Polls are open for 3 more hours! 

2 Responses to “3rd party connections Updated 5pm”

  1. Doug Anderson Says:

    Improving the environment is not a theoretical arms-length concern. DurhamCLEAR is an activist organization, and that means supporting those most likely to institute the changes we feel are necessary.

    As an organization, DurhamCLEAR is non-partisan. However, this does not prevent individual members including members of the executive from supporting candidates.

    I just pasted your email into the post also, I will approve your comment also so others can see they were your own words. Thanks for the clarification. It is helpful . Groups working on issues that are also political can be confusing for general public voters. I like everyone to be in the know!

  2. Brian Johnson Says:

    I think that the real question is, “Is Durham Clear a corporation?” If I were to take donations from a director of a corporation, it’s my understanding that this is equivilant to taking donations from the corporation itself.

    For example, if I were to take say $750 from Cougs Investments, I couldn’t then take $750 from Jerry Coughlin. Nor could I take $750 from Lawrence Glenn Holdings.

    When I look at Ms Jordan’s “corporate free list of doners” I see Ross Mackie of Mackie moving and storage (I’m not sure if he’s still a director of said corporation or if he even has a hand in it anymore) and I see the noted donations above.

    Interesting to say the least

    Admin: Durham Clear is not a corporation in that sense, they are an advocacy group only, there is no chariable number either for donations. Colleen’s and Kim’s was a 2 person race the people - that voted - have spoken and she was their choice. I can accept that. Sure I posted things I thought voters should be aware of but I figure voters care about things like that, I guess they don’t .

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