On Assignment -Out of Town - Don’t forget to VOTE VOTE VOTE

I will be on assignment from Friday so if you want to send me your latest election scandal , it will have to wait until Sunday. 

I am going undercover so if you see me having a great time in Niagara Falls with my girlfriends keep quiet and don’t blow my cover.  

I wrote a letter to the editor in 2006 and vowed to get 10 people to vote that never voted before.  I may have through this blog but I don’t really know.   I did get a some people to vote that never have but I did not make it to my goal of 10 that I know of.    I have neighbours on my own street that are new to Ajax and they were going to vote after some years of not participating. 

We will have more debates in 4 years time.  Voices of Ajax will put on 2 debates, this is in addition to the CDCD that will do their debates- I assume they will .  If they do the same model this is how it will work.
CDCD  Ward 1 - Ward 2 Regional included
CDCD  Ward 2-  Ward 1 Regional included–  2 debates per Regional Candidate
CDCD  Ward  3 -Ward 4 Regional included
CDCD  Ward  4 -Ward 3 Regional included-  2 debates per Regional Candidate
CDCD  Mayor -  One Debate
Rogers Mayor Debate ?  - One Debate - date and location a secret until day of or 1 day before and it’s a crapshoot if website will be updated to tell us.      


Voices of Ajax–  Ward 1 and 2 — combined- Local and Regional  plus Mayor Candidate(s)
Voices of Ajax-    Ward 3 and 4 - combined - Local and Regional plus Mayor   Candidate(s)

That will give Regional 3 debates to be heard
Local Councillors 2 debates
and the Mayor up to 4 debates.   - There is 4 years in a term so 4 debates is not unreasonable.

Had there been a credible challenger to Steve Parish,  one debate was scheduled that the public actually would have known about, the Rogers debate was thrown together and no one knew it was on so I won’t count on them for 2014 to have a plan, if they do great it’s one more for the Mayors.

We will need volunteers to act as moderators (Note to self: Suck up to Eric Novak, Dan Carter and Garth Riley in 3 years ) , time keepers and video recorders for youtube, someone to do the sound system.  I think that is all that is needed to have a decent event.  Mr. Baker will bring the donuts and cookies.

I can’t pay anyone,  any assistance has to be donated.  The only thing to pay for is the space and hopefully that can be cheap at a school or hall. 

I will gladly accept donations towards the cost of a facility for an evening, I will post my paypal id when the time comes. 

Unlike Omni TV in Brampton , if an incumbent does not show up– an empty chair with their name on it will be displayed but nothing will be cancelled.

Enjoy your Election weekend !  GO GO GO ……….  VOTE Monday VOTE VOTE VOTE   The next term will be very exciting.

Unless something earth shattering happens I don’t forsee another posting being made until we know who won ,  Congrats to Steve Parish in advance.   I will not be live blogging as I will be hooked on twitter and durhamregion will be reporting the results pretty quick, they are good at election day coverage.  I will just post the results after it is all done.

I did not endorse anyone but I will endorse Mike Bradley for Mayor of Sarnia because he answers my emails in no time flat!  GO MIKE!  Maybe we can twin with them and have an exchange program :)  

I will have access to comments over the weekend but approvals may be a little slow due to my investigative research into the variety of martinis and their impact on the brain. 

2 Responses to “On Assignment -Out of Town - Don’t forget to VOTE VOTE VOTE”

  1. Eric Novak Says:

    Hey Karim,

    I haven’t built out my calender yet to 2014, but so long as I’m able to help out in the manner you are asking me to, I’d be only too happy to do so!

    Thanks for being an advocate and for giving a damn! Enjoy your secretive weekend!

    Thanks and I will come to ask you in 2014, you are an Ajax Citizen , I will ask Garth for the second one since he lives here. Voices debate will be first , if the candidates can handle it they make it through to the next debates after nominations close :)

  2. Scott Graham Says:

    I’d like to see a trustee debate as well. Unfortunately the public did not get a chance to ask questions of candidates at the Cdcd organized meet&greet.

    In my opinion trustee debates are just as important as council debates (ultimately both are spending your money)

    Admin: You are right, the High Schools will be encouraged to hold debates for Trustee Candidates at J Clarke/ Notre Dame for Ward 1 and 2 and at
    Dennis O’Connor for Separate Board Ward 3 and 4 and Ajax High School for South Ajax Public. The SCC’s should host them.

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