Just a reminder about old issue– Lack of Consultation - Miles Park

Not sure why but I was prompted last night on Twitter to remind someone of an old issue ,  within this last Council term however.   The term is 4 years and that is a long time.  

We almost lost the greenspace behind Cadarackque school, was in ward 2 , now in ward 4 ,  the main issue was lack of consulting the school community and neighbourhood.

The school board was fine with the Land Swap and had no problem with houses coming right up to the yard edge resulting in the loss of park area directly behind the school and if the group I was in did not stand up and do something we would have seen the entire park area moved to where Miles park is now.  Trustees at the time were no help.

The Council agreed in-camera to swap land with Runnymede to get a redeveloped Miles Park.
Watch these videos we have on youtube , one describes what the Town was contemplating with a visual description of what could have happened.   Renrick Ashby who had not yet run in the byelection,  was nowhere to be found assisting in this issue at all. 

This is a video of an appearance on Garth Riley, First take Live with a member of our group and Trustee John Dolstra,  he assisted us with guidance. 

Has anything changed ?   The council was willing to sell out the kids at Cadarackque for a park,  it was only after we ignited the community did we manage to retain a portion of the park directly behind the school for use by the students.

Runnymede had to redesign their concept, would they have done it if there was no opposition ?  Would the Council have fought for the kids had the Parent Council not found out about it by chance ?  Remember the School Board did approve the site plan submitted to them.    The Town of Ajax should have notified the principal of Cadarackque but they did not.

We were lucky.  Our council who champions the greenbelt was ready to sell out for a park redeveloped and paid for by a developer. 

If Councillors run on the promise to fight for us,  why do we have to do so much fighting when they get elected ?

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  1. Gin Says:

    Why is this park behind the school being used by the Cadarackque children when it is actually more of a dog park with nobody picking up after their dogs. City has no signs to show its used for children. How healthy is it to have the children run/and roll in grass that is also used by dog walkers.

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