Response from Town on 50/50 issue

This is the response I received from Legislative Services,  I copied Colleen Jordan’s campaign on the note. 


Colleen Jordan’s Campaign would NOT meet the eligible criteria as outlined in the A.G.C.O. Policy Manual for a Lottery Licence.
The Town did not issue an Lottery Licence for this event.
By-law 132-2006 defines the fees related to certain types of gaming events and isn’t applicable here.
As the Town’s Licencing Officer, I have received no complaints regarding this event.
Had I received complaints regarding this event, and as they would not have been eligible for a Lottery Licence, I would have provided the complainant with the contact information for the O.P.P. Criminal Investigative Branch assigned to the A.G.C.O.
M. de Rond


There you go,   I am not making an official complaint but as I said before , it is the responsibility of a sitting councillor of that level of experience to know better.   The rules are FOR EVERYONE. 

I am not responsible for any action anyone else takes,  I am not advocating for anything but a statement from Colleen herself on her own website that says she is aware of what she did was wrong and I suggest she not be so critical of others.  

That’s it.  Previous post under this one is the response from Colleen Jordan’s campaign. 

So when the expenses are filed from this election ,  if there are any issues , complaints must be dealt with at that time then,.  

4 Responses to “Response from Town on 50/50 issue”

  1. Robert MacArthur Says:

    …and with all this, the News Advertiser is recommending her! (and not Scott.. which is no surprise as I can’t recall if they have ever recommended him…)

  2. Robert MacArthur Says:

    BTW - where did Brian Johnson’s comment go?

    Admin:Which comment are you talking about? I had a large spam block and I had to delete a bunch on mass and it may have gotten caught up in that. If there is something that we already don’t know then he can write a new one for me to approve. He did post comments on twitter to it prior. I don’t delete comments on purpose and EVERYONE knows that.

  3. Rob MacArthur Says:

    I know you never would. It was his comment about the police being notified on jordan and such… it’s just my reply about the NA recommendations was based on his… so it sort of isn’t sitting the way i expected to…. no biggie

    Admin:I get you, I read the editorial about advance voting numbers and it may have been the number of opportunities to vote but it was not the Town push alone responsible for increase, it is the candidates that get the vote out! The candidates refer people to the town website plus no mention of the impact of my blog that opened in 2007 :) North Durham needs some blogging citizens! South Durham has blogging Citizens, North Durham does not. I will have to hunt for northern correspondents ! Less then 2000 however is not anything to write home about when divided by four!

  4. Rob MacArthur Says:

    As far as I am concerned, you are doing one of the best jobs covering this election, as well as providing one of the best resources for people to refer to…Rob

    Admin:Thanks , I do appreciate it. Had I had the time I would have put on a Voices of Ajax debate, I was livid when I read about what happened in Brampton, we will have more debates in 4 years, that is a promise! whether all the candidates show up to more then one debate (local) , I can’t promise that ! :)

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