Policing comment from Chief Ewles via Roger Anderson

I had sent an email to Roger Anderson inquiring about how Ajax Police Service levels are determined.   After hearing about our lack of service from the region at the debates I thought it would be helpful information. 

This is the response I received today in my email.

Here are some comments from Chief Ewles on your questions.

The bottom line is that Ajax staffing levels have never been affected by the closing of the Ajax station at 990 Westney Road back in the 1990’s. The recent configuration of the patrol zones through PSAP have better balanced officer workload for Ajax-Pickering officers by having the North Durham Units patrol farther south.
I will not provide operational staffing numbers to be placed or used on a blog for obvious officer and community safety reasons.
The next major decision for the DRPS will come as Seaton comes on line- namely do we build a new Ajax Station for the 100k plus resident and free up space in Pickering to allow additional Seaton officers  to work out of 19 Division. for 70 thousand or so residents to come.
Those discussions should take place sooner rather than later as Season is only holding a placemarker in our long term capital.

Roger A

So what do you think?  It appears we need Regional Councillors that will help this decision be made. 

One Response to “Policing comment from Chief Ewles via Roger Anderson”

  1. Janet Forrester Says:

    I once came across the police staffing numbers on thier website, trust me they are very disappointing…

    In regard to the police, not just in Ajax, someone really needs to have a talk with thier officers about discrimination; particularly the disabled. Yes speaking from experience. >:-(

    Welcome to the blog Janet, in every organization there are people that probably should not be there. I myself have never experienced a problem so I can’t imagine what that would be like.

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