Bill McLean takes Ward 2 Pickering - no race at all !

Just checked the list of Candidates in Pickering to see if any last minute candidates.   Ken Nash is running for Mayor,  I recognize his name from letters to the Editor.   I always like people who write letters to newspapers.

I saw one name for Ward 2- Regional Seat.    Bill McLean.   I do like him and I have met him at various occasions where we both have been in attendance.  

BUT–  I don’t like seeing acclaimations in elections.   Incumbents still need to have their feet held to the fire and be accountable for their actions while defending their record. 

What happens if you raise money but no one runs against you ?  What happens to the cash in the warchest ? 

Anyways, congrats to Bill McLean ,  sorry you don’t get the fun of campaigning .  Enjoy a vacation I guess. 

2 Responses to “Bill McLean takes Ward 2 Pickering - no race at all !”

  1. Scott Says:

    “If a candidate’s financial statement or supplementary financial statement shows a surplus and the election campaign period has ended at the time the statement is filed, he or she shall pay the surplus to the Town Clerk”

    You can find more here:

    Admin: That’s what I thought , but if you raise money and don’t have to run a campaign , your contributers basically donated to the Municipality? Does it go into trust for them for the next election ? If I was a candidate in this position , I would rather just issue a refund to the contributers.

  2. Scott Says:

    You used to be able to keep it for the next run, but no longer. You can still put up signs and the like. Most people just make sure they have nothing left by the end.

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