Trustee Races - Expenses Public and Separate

Scott Graham sent me a file and I posted it,  I am not familiar with the Catholic Board at all or the current Trustees.  I welcome comments from the community.   There is one meet and greet , I guess trustees don’t get a debate.  
Student populations are from 2006 used with 2009 expenses.   It makes you wonder why a board with less students has trustees that need to claim so many expenses ?  

School Board Trustee Meet & Greet 
September 27, 2010 6:30 p.m.
 Ajax Community Centre,
75 Centennial Road.

 You can ask them about these numbers. 

Catholic Board

Paul Bannister $5,906.62
Joe Corey $6,086.94
Kathy LeFort $6,710.64
Fred Jones $7,326.24
Janice Oldman  $7,811.14
Scott Murdock  $8,221.97
Mary Ann Martin $9,094.39
Jim McCafferty $10,081.48
Total $61,239.42
# of students 26069
$/student $2.35

Public Board

Christine Winters  $833.59
Sherry Croteau $1,348.44
Joyce Kelly  $1,458.61
Lisa Hill  $1,690.04
Michael Barrett $2,233.95
Kathleen Hopper $2,249.82
Marilyn Crawford$2,636.27
Chris Braney $2,868.16
John Dolstra $3,078.76
Joe Allin $3,600.52
Larry Jacula $4,401.71
Total $26,399.87
# of students 70857

$/student $0.37

I was informed that Paul Bannister in the Catholic Board has pulled his nomination from Pickering and is running in Ajax.  Why?
I will go to the meet and greet.  

I have posted in the past that I feel Trustees should be elected during the provincial election if we are going to continue to have this level of government.   I still believe this.  
There is so little focus on education spending during municipal elections but next year a provincial election will be won or lost on some education crisis.  

Here are my questions for School Trustee wanna be’s. 

1)  How can we rid the schools of bad teachers ?  I mean the sort of teacher that would resort to shredding a child’s work since she/he could not justify the mark given.   This teacher is in the elementary level somewhere in Durham.   Maybe your child’s school.    

2) How can we have more community use of schools ?  

3) Why doesn’t spelling count ? 

4) If a new school is needed in two areas ,  how is it decided where the school is built ?  The trustee that is the most liked ?  The group of parents that make the least number of waves? 

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  1. Scott Says:

    I found out why the catholic board is so much higher - it seems they each get a car allowance of $4,200 per year. However, they also get mileage as well. In my mind, they really should get only one or the other, not both.

    Thanks for the clarification Scott.

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