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I have received the following in an email and , yes I was thinking the same thing!


Can someone tell me where the parking fees go? Do they go directly to the hospital?
I don’t mind paying a ‘user fee’ for parking if it goes to the hospital.
However I’m concerned that this will severely hurt our seniors on fixed incomes.
How can an elderly couple afford these fees when visiting a sick spouse, especially daily!
Anyone with comments and fee details please!
Marsha Dooley
Elect Dooley - Councillor Ward 3 Ajax

This posted today by the NewsAdvertiser :
August 03, 2010

AJAX — Parking fees are set to go up at the Ajax-Pickering hospital.
As of Monday, Aug. 9, the current system of tokens will be replaced by a new computerized system meant to enhance parking services at Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering hospital.
The new fees will match those at the Scarborough site.
Prices will now be $4 for up to 30 minutes, $8 for 31 to 60 minutes, $12 for 61 minutes to 90 minutes, and $16 for 91 minutes or more. Day passes are also available with in and out privileges for $16.
The new machines will offer the ability to pay by cash or credit.
Patients and visitors will have to use the entrance to the west lot off of Harwood Avenue. Before entering the lot, they’ll take a ticket from the dispenser, signalling the gate to open.
They should keep the ticket with them while inside the hospital, and before leaving, pay at a parking machine. The machine will be located in the emergency entrance foyer, and others will be added in the future.
When exiting the lot, patients and visitors are to insert the validated ticket into the exit gate.
If anyone needs help, the gates and pay stations are connected via intercom to the security office.

Admin: When my neighbour had her stroke in December we shared a pass with the neighbours but a family member and spouse pays the most. It’s too bad because when you think about it, nurses do not have the time to offer the level of care they once did and family members have to pick up the slack to make sure their loved ones eat their meal and just help to watch over things.


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  1. SM Says:

    I think a better question to ask is why it’s necessary to have a fee for parking anyways?. We pay enough tax already and billions of dollars are pumped into keeping these hospitals operational. To charge patients and their loved ones money to visit the hospital is absolutely nuts. I often visit the Oshawa hospital and they force me into paying for parking. They have no-parking signs on all the side streets (within a 6 block radius). So there’s no way you could park and walk.

    This reminds me of something that happened recently. I was involved in a car accident and had to take the ambulance to the hospital. The first thing they asked me upon arriving at the hospital was how I planned to pay for the ride! (it was $45.00). Now that’s a joke!.

  2. Elect Marsha Dooley - Ward 3 Says:

    I’ve lived the daily visits to the hospital to assist with and visit terminally ill parents, it is very emotional and draining. I do not agree that anyone visiting their child, parent or spouse in a hospital be charged $16.00 to park their car. At least ‘one’ parking pass should be provided especially when it comes to seniors regardless of their ability to pay.

    Health care costs continue to rise at an alarming rate, along with our severe need for doctors is going to have us in big trouble in very few years.

    When federal finance minister Paul Martin stopped the equal sharing of health care costs (was 50/50) and downloaded this onto the provinces in the 80’s the provincial governments have since been scrambling to keep up. Auto insurance is highly regulated by the provincial government, to off sets costs Premier David Peterson changed the auto legislation so that all medical costs relating to a motor vehicle accident were paid by the auto insurance industry. If you are walking down the street and hit by a car, riding a bike or a passenger in another car, your (and your dependents) medical costs are paid by your auto insurance provider, regardless of fault, OHIP does not pay a cent. No longer is car insurance just car insurance, it is medical insurance too. In 1985 that section of my auto policy was $16.00 it is now $600.00.

    Would some sort of user fee for medical services based on ability to pay help our hospitals? When someone has to pay ‘something’ for a service, it is human nature that they respect it more than if it was free.

    But still the question … Where do the hospital parking fees go?

  3. SM Says:

    It’s interesting that Marsha brings this up (re: insurance). I was involved in a car accident last week and the experience has been mind boggling. If I wasn’t dizzy from the accident I’ll certainly be after I finish dealing with the insurance. You’re correct, if somebody hits your vehicle and they’re found at fault, your insurance company still pays for your damages. I had no idea that this was the case until just recently. I find the whole thing bizarre.

    I’m still against having to pay for parking. It’s bad enough that they charge a fee for each hospital visit, but the rate at which they charge is outrageous. I’m not sure about Ajax, but in Oshawa the hospital even charges it’s employees for parking!.

    It reminds me of that administration fee the car dealers charge. They say it’s used towards keeping the lights on in their building. I’m sure the hospitals would have a similar excuse.

    We didn’t pay for this years ago. Why suddenly are we required to pay?.

  4. Robert MacArthur Says:

    Having worked in the medical industry for the Ontario Cancer Foundation, I understand medical funding is hard. The province keeps downloading costs to the facilities themselves. Parking is a way for the hospitals to help offset costs.

    However, I believe anyone that has to stay overnight for treatment should get at least one pass for family to come visit. At least then one member can be there with them without incurring a cost that can really add up.

    In addition, seniors, anytime, should NEVER pay for parking.

    Rob MacArthur

  5. Elect Marsha Dooley Councillor Says:

    Hi All,
    I spoke to Janet Eker regarding the hospital parking issue. Janet confirmed that parking fees go directly to the general operating budget of the individual hospital. Parking is one of the VERY few operations that the hospital has control over to can raise funds. Because the money goes directly to the hospital I personally have no problem making a donation when I park my car. People should look at it as a user fee and a way of helping the hospital with costs. What I have a problem with is people on fixed incomes, like our seniors getting hit with the user fee for parking. A solution may be that they can group together through an association they are a member of or with others in their senior building to buy one or two monthly passes and have them available to all when in need. A buck a month each? That would be the most economical. I am saying that not knowing what the monthly passes cost at this time.
    To every problem there has to be a solution!!
    Marsha Dooley

  6. SM Says:

    I guess we have a difference of opinion on the issue of hospital parking. I do have a problem with paying to park there. We are already nickle and dimed to death with taxes and user fees. The hospital shouldn’t have to be relying on parking fees to raise funds. What’s next?. Holding yard sales to help raise extra money?.

    It’s not just seniors and people on fixed incomes who are struggling to stay afloat financially. I go to the Oshawa hospital every 3 months to see a specialist. I’m hit with a $10.00 fee. When I go to see my family doctor, they now charge a yearly fee of $65 which covers all prescription renewals, doctor notes, etc. I was in a car accident 3 weeks ago. They drove me to the hospital (10 min drive) and I was dinged $45. Is this what we pay taxes for?.

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