Someone else wants to be Mayor and the Earth moved !

It was such a shock that it caused the ground to shake!

The problem is — this person is brave but who the hell are they? A google search brings up nothing, no community involvement, no advisory committee, nothing.

The person to win has to run, perhaps loose, stick around, be involved and then run again !

One Response to “Someone else wants to be Mayor and the Earth moved !”

  1. SM Says:

    Where did you hear about this?. I didn’t see anything in the paper indicating that someone else wants to be Mayor.

    It would be helpful if we knew something about this person who wants to run against Parish. Finally a race!

    The Town website has an election area and the list of candidates is displayed, when you pay your money and file your papers, your name goes up that day. I missed it by just a short time , I looked before going home early today and her name was not there. There is no information via google on this person at all. I keep twisting an arm of someone else I want to run but not sure how it is going to go, I am not the only person twisting the arm either.

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