Ajax Municipal report card

There must be a new writer of the report cards! This is the worse our council has ever received collectively.

I have not been to a council meeting all year so I can’t really comment on anything but the overall environment. Now that my Mother’s house is sold and she is doing well in her apartment I can begin to follow things a bit better when the new term begins.

I agree that our council does not debate enough– there is a difference between grandstanding and debating the issues. The residents need to see councillors stand on things and if an issue is debated at the untelevised GGC meeting the same views should be expressed at the televised Council meeting.

This is due to having a long standing Mayor, Mississauga suffered from the same type of environment before their Parrish came to the table.

We have no challenger for Mayor and that is sad.

Someone told me our Mayor was in a meeting with a Cabinet Minister in the Harris Government and other Mayors , he did not like what he heard and got up and left. Isn’t that a bit hot headed ? Not very diplomatic. Our Mayor may stand against others in the Region but I still feel Ajax suffers from his personal relationships with those around us. A kindergarden teacher probably put on his report card “Does not play well with others”. It is possible to oppose what you don’t believe in and still be respected by your peers.

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  1. SM Says:

    I agree the person doing the report cards must be new (how refreshing!). Usually council gets a much better score. I’m sure Anderson is pleased with his report card!.

    I still think council got off a little easy on this one. There’s a couple on there who I feel deserved a “Fail” mark. The article failed to mention the money that was spent on restoring that old church in Pickering village and how the cost of the work exceeded their original estimate. There’s many things that should anger the taxpayers of this town, but they reward this group with re-election time after time. They don’t even have to put up signs or knock on doors at election time because they’re guaranteed to win.

    I don’t find my councillor very helpful with anything. We’ve called on numerous occasions with concerns (ie: community safety, vandalism, etc) and it’s like talking to a brick wall. So I know who I WON’T be voting for.

    I’m also getting tired of some of the petty things that go on around this town and how residents keep getting screwed. Time for new council!.

    We should be thankful the Church did not fall over during the earthquake!

  2. Robert MacArthur Says:

    The report card shows that “party politics” don’t belong in Municipal Elections. Having councillors follow the lead of Mayor on everything is a travesty of democracy.

    There are a few councillors that object on things, but they are always out voted by the existing regime.

    It is time for a new council, but make sure you replace the right ones.!

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