Ontario Ombudsman - Term may not be extended

I was sent an email from the Ombudsman office the other morning to answer my question I had asked a few months prior, asking if Andre’s term was going to be extended.

It seems it may not be extended. There is an all party committee that will be set up for the selection process, I hope it is open to the press as well.

If you have not signed the petition, only 28 or so have , sign the petition just to show that it matters to have someone working for you! This petition is free on ipetitions and signing it means you support the term of Andre Marin being extended another 5 years. You do not have to make a donation just close the screen and your signature is still recorded.

If Andre Marin is not appointed then I will seriously question whether I can vote for Dalton and his gang next year.

Is AMO behind it ??? The Municipal sector was not happy in regards to the closed meeting complaint investigator issue.

If Andre Marin is replaced , how hard will the next Ombudsman work towards gaining oversight in the MUSH sector?– Municipalities, Universities , Schools and Hospitals, you know the areas where our tax dollars flow but we have no real recourse if a problem arises.

If he is not successful in obtaining another term then he should run for office and we can try to get him to move to Ajax ! Andre Marin for Mayor!!!!!!!!! or MPP.

[edit] Be sure to ask candidates if they support the Ontario Ombudsman having jurisdiction in the MUSH sector. It will be a question on the candidate questionnaire to be sent out.

2 Responses to “Ontario Ombudsman - Term may not be extended”

  1. M Anderson Says:

    There is a petition online to reappoint Andre Marin:


    Thanks for the link. I hope he is reappointed. I started a petition last year myself.

  2. p. ingu Says:

    Why would anyone want that self-promoting media hog reappointed? At any rate I am sure he will be handed another sweetheart posting somewhere.

    You are entitled to your opinion but I disagree, he brings attention to the issues that need to be known. If he gets the attention in the process so be it. I honestly don’t believe that is what he is about.

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