Submit questions for Candidate Questionaire

Email me your questions that I can incorporate into a candidate questionnaire, I won’t promise every single one but I will read them all. Send them to , don’t post them to the blog. Thanks. I am taking questions throughout the spring and early summer.

I am not an accountant so please send in your complicated math degree needed tax questions if you want.

Regional focus questions in addition to local focus questions. Your name can go with the question if you would like it to or it can just be added to mine.

A few years ago I made a pledge to get 10 people to vote who have not voted before in a municipal election, I still intend to try to honour that. If I can I will get the new voters permission to let me name them. It is easy to find new Ajax voters if they just moved here and are voters, I am aiming to find people who have never voted in a Municipal election or at least have not voted for quite some time.

Some neighbourhoods are are more active then others, this occurs if a development is going on. I am not hearing of any serious neighbourhood issues at least in my general area.

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