It’s a fire route stupid! Parking lot hell in Ajax

Unlike a municipality that has an actual downtown where you park the car along the road and walk up and down on a sidewalk , we have large spread out plazas that have parking lots and spaces for our cars.

I am so fed up with people sitting idling their cars in fire routes , “just for a minute” .

I park my car and walk into the business I need to go to, why can’t everyone else? It is so annoying to have to drive into Westney Heights plaza and not be able to get around the corner if another car is coming because the curb is full of cars parked there - “just for a minute” don’t be so lazy and park your car and walk a few feet to where you are going, it won’t kill you and maybe you could use the few steps in your day! I know I can.

The plaza on Highway #2 - Heritage Square , another one that drives me nuts. If any car is parked in the fire route you can not get by easily. I fume when a pickup is blocking the way.

We have bylaws about this and I really hope one day I am not in a business that catches fire or I have a heart attack and the emergency people can not get to me fast enough because cars are blocking the way.

Something tells me that if I leave my car outside all night when there is no threat of snow I would get a ticket before anything is done about all this plaza fire route parking.

Every plaza has this problem and the problem is it is private property, who is responsible for enforcing the no parking in the fire route bylaws?

I think a blitz is needed!

So if you see a blonde giving you a dirty look as they try to squeeze by, that is me!

2 Responses to “It’s a fire route stupid! Parking lot hell in Ajax”

  1. Brian Johnson Says:

    Eeassssy there girl. Happy to have that out of your system? Truth be told, I agree with you but given the raft of other issues that I have with the way this town is run, I’d put this issue somewhere outside of my top 10

    Karem: Too me it is a safety issue and it is getting worse. We keep hiring bylaw officers- where are they?

  2. SM Says:

    I avoid both of those plazas for the simple reason they’re always busy and full of drivers who don’t know which direction they’re going. Perhaps if the parking lots designed differently, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

    I see the same thing happening at the plaza on Harwood (across from the town hall). People park their cars along the curb and then run into the store to buy their stuff. Haven’t you see it happen at Ajax Library when people are dropping off a book?. I’m not sure that we should be upset with people picking up passengers (frail seniors) who happen to be visiting the doctor, but I do agree that a lot of people are lazy.

    Although I can see your point with parked cars blocking the route of a fire truck, I’m not sure that it would effect their ability to put out a fire. Lots of plazas having parking almost at the front doorstep of their stores. So I’m not sure how that’s different from having a car parked along the curb at the plaza.

    I don’t think by-law actually issues tickets unless there’s a complaint. One of our neighbours was ticketed for having his truck on the wrong side of the street. I saw this happen at 5am and it wasn’t the town by-law officer. The car had “security” written on the side. They don’t usually hassle people who park on the road unless there’s a complaint. Let’s not encourage them!!!.

    If anything… the town (or police) should be monitoring these damn roundabouts that they’ve installed. The majority of drivers have no clue how to use them. Another accident happened Sunday night on Salem Road (south of Bayly). The guy hit a lamp post. There’s been LOTS of accidents at this location. Some people drive over top of the roundabouts because they don’t know any better. Supposidely it was cheaper than installing stop lights or a 4 way stop sign.

    Karem: If a store has a parking lot in front then there must be other access or something , but when the signs are there that clearly say - fire route, that is my issue because when cars are stopped, two way traffic can’t get by. It just bugs me that’s all. Ajax is full of speeders in a hurry.

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