Jim Abernathy has not declared yet - Clarington race.

All the Mayors in the Region have declared, From the West, Dave Ryan in Pickering, Steve Parish in Ajax , Pat Perkins in Whitby , John Gray in Oshawa.

Adrian Foster has declared his candidacy in Clarington to run for Mayor, a former local Councillor.

I won’t pretend to say I have any knowledge of this area so I don’t know what the deal is or any behind the scenes goings on but it obviously has to do with the incinerator.

I will just say, if he believes in what he is doing , if he can look residents in the eye and declare that he feels the incinerator is what is best for the Municipality then be better get his papers in otherwise his opponents and the anti incinerator crowd are correct.

Even if he does not win then so be it but don’t be a chicken like that Miller guy in Toronto.

You can’t make tough decisions on behalf of your citizens then not face them to defend those choices.

So something is going on if you don’t see the incumbent Mayor’s name on the nomination list at this point in the process. Mary Novak is the incumbent Regional Councillor and she supported the incinerator, she has put her name on the ballot, Charlie Trim and has not yet , Local Councillor Robinson is running at the Regional Level now.

This race will be an important one to watch.

3 Responses to “Jim Abernathy has not declared yet - Clarington race.”

  1. SM Says:

    I thought Parish was looking for bigger and better things?. I would imagine the rest of Ajax council will run again. It’s pretty much a cake walk for most. They all get along and agree on of the issues facing the town. Never any excitment on Ajax council.

    Interestingly, I heard this morning on one of the Durham radio stations that that some citizens of Oshawa asked Oshawa council to put a question on the ballot for the upcoming election as to whether Oshawa citizens believe the Regional Chairman’s job should be an elected position.

  2. admin Says:

    Mayor Abernathy still has not declared and there are 3 names in the race for Mayor now.

  3. admin Says:

    Ok Jim Abernathy has declared as of April 8th. 5 names running for Mayor in Clarington and still in Ajax only one name.

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