Enjoy the Fall

The blog will not close but I do have other priorities at the moment involving family.

I have to get my mother moved out of her house in a few months then we have to get the house ready to sell.

I have contemplated moving her up here to be closer to me but she is still able to live on her own so being near her friends is important to her and the main reason for me to keep her in the Niagara area is because her Doctor is there. She is 75 years old and it is hard enough to find a doctor, try finding one when you actually have issues that need to be monitored.

The municipal scene is not my focus at the moment but I will say the girl that runs the new chip truck that may have been the subject of a council delegation - not sure , is really nice and doing her best to run a business of her own. She is from the east coast , I hope there is something that can be done to make everyone happy. Her fries are really good!

I don’t know the latest on the expropriation attempt at Harwood and Bayly but google earth street-view lets you take a virtual tour of Harwood and York Street to see the Mayor’s law practice building in dire need of a paint job– it has looked this way for years.

January 2010 is when Candidates can start declaring for the November election, I will be following this as usual and will get caught up on local matters. Just like a regular voter can :)

I still serve on the School council and participate on a voluntary board so I figured chasing after local municipal issues is what I had to step back from for a while.

The community garden is plodding along. I went to the harvest event at the Whitby garden and had the best hot dog relish I ever had in my life, it was made from produce grown in the garden, I don’t like relish and have never eaten it since I was a kid so this stuff was phenomenal !

So if you comments on this post or others, I can quickly approve them and I may post if I see something of interest, I just wanted to explain what was going if I did not get a post written in another month or so.

Be back at some point. When not sure but I will be.

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  1. Michael Baker Says:

    Hello Karem. Thanks for the update. I’ve missed you. We old people need to know that there are people to rely on at special times in our lives. I keep reminding our 3 daughters who live close by to continue standing on guard for we (my wife & I). I just paid council a visit the other night & entertained then with an array of questions. They never seem very pleased to see me. My latest concern is that council keeps making reference to the 2010 Budget Review Process & I tell them I cannot find it on the Town’s website & I would like a copy. They still have not told me that this process has been published let alone that it is accessible to the public. A clean sweep is needed in the 2010 Ajax municipal election. All that’s needed will be a few good people to oppose the incumbents. Be well Karem !

    Karem: It is there , under the tab of residence are various links for “Learn the Town’s Budget Process. http://www.townofajax.com/Page2830.aspx
    Then there is the current Budget timeline, I still wish they would not use the term “Budget approved by Council” — what if they vote no? ok stop laughing.
    In the Finance department — then to the budget area there is the link for 2010 , so far is the timeline, you can see it here. http://www.townofajax.com/AssetFactory.aspx?did=7453
    Yes I do hope there will be good quality people running.

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