Back soon - updated Sept. 10th - a residency clause ?

I guess I should have written a post to say I was taking a break. Things going on, school starting. Waiting to hear my job status from a big merger. If I am confirmed in my position I will be working for the biggest energy company in Canada , sounds pretty impressive when stated in that way!

The garden is plodding along, I have to learn patience. There will be a community garden in Ajax at St. Andrews Park that I will help with but the timing is a glacial pace. These things take time I know but I do wish it could go faster. Parks grow flowers, parks can grow a carrot but the carrot takes a lot more fertilizer to get.

Election buzz everywhere , by-election in Toronto - Provincial, a perspective Mayor candidate from the Province level wanting to go down a notch, I wonder why Smitherman would be willing to leave the Province for the top job in the city a year before the next Provincial election in 2011 ? A possible Federal election in the Fall of 2009.

Be back soon, who wants to go to the first council meeting ?

I wonder if Obama would like to be Mayor of Toronto, even part time would be better then Miller! :) Here is a novel way 905′ers can vote in the Toronto election, purchase a condo with a whole lot of other people and each registered owner on title get’s to vote, no matter if you live there or not. This is what it appears to be according to a convoluted response from a City of Toronto clerk. :)

I will canvas for anyone that runs against Mr. Miller, well almost anyone unless of course we have an interesting election here . Who is going to run against Mr. Parish ?

What? I don’t live in Toronto you say? so what, Mr. Ferguson lives in Aurora and he can dictate what happens in the City! Where was his garbage stockpiling ? that is all I am saying on that subject.

UPDATE: September 10th.
I need to elaborate on my above point and it is actually more then just Toronto that I am referring to.

I feel if you are in a position that makes decisions and controls tax dollar allocation– or on the other side, decide that a large group of people should withdraw services from a City or Town, you should reside in that Town or City.

In the City of Toronto, people that decided to have workers strike, do not nessarily live in the city, they experience it for a workday, that is not the same as having your public payroll deposit contribute to the property taxes of the City.

You have to own property or live in the City or Municipality to run for elected office yet the City Manager or a CAO or a Senior Planner etc , does not have to live in the City or Town to present to council how the residents tax dollars will be spent.

Having a vested interest — being a resident could make a difference.

Maybe it is time for a “residency clause” restricting rising in the Management ranks or Union levels that place you in the bargaining process on behalf of the City or Town , a residency clause, you already live or are willing to relocate to the City or Town you are committing to help run and make decisions that residents feel for years to come.

How many people live in Quebec but work in Queens Park ? or Manitoba ? that would be insane but the City of Toronto has a TTC run by someone in Pickering, CUPE 416 is led by a resident of Aurora and to bring this to Ajax level- our director of Planning that is charged with bringing our Ajax vision to be– lives in East Durham- very east Durham.

A work day is not the same as living here.

If there was a Federal Ministry or a Provincial Ministry in Niagara Falls, do you really think it would be full of Niagara Falls , NY citizens ?

No it is staffed by Ontarians and Canadians.

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