If Ajax does not like your site-plan- We will take your land away

That is what it appears to be. The Town of Ajax is going to expropriate land because the owners plans do not fit with the plans of the Town.

I am not sure on this yet. I know we have purchased land by the lake for parkland etc.

What do you think about this? Should Ajax again be spending tax dollars buying more land ? Should we work with the owners to come to a compromise on their site-plan?

“The value of the land was appraised at $5.5 million by the Town in June 2009″.

The current site plan for the land, submitted by Hi-Rise Structures Inc., Fineway Properties Limited and Giomardi Holdings Inc., is inconsistent with the Town’s vision for the downtown and this key gateway property, and falls significantly short of fulfilling the planning objectives for the area. It includes minimal density, which is not in keeping with Ontario’s Growth Plan, various low rise buildings, and no landmark structures, front facades or pedestrian entranceways.

Why does the Town always do these things in the middle of the summer ? What do other Municipalities do when in this scenario ? Is it cheaper to expropriate the land then fight out development issues with the owners at the OMB ?

The current site plan pretty well describes most of Ajax that even this current council has approved .

3 Responses to “If Ajax does not like your site-plan- We will take your land away”

  1. Brian Johnson Says:

    My guess is this a case of our mayor getting ready to create an election issue. It’s just a guess but it seems he’s taking advantage of summer to put his stake in the ground. I’m betting he’ll table it at council and any councillor that opposes his position will be painted as being “against the Town’s Official Plan”. It seems to be his general MO to play these games with our tax dollars.

    What I find extremely curious is that, as long as we’re talking about “gateway properties to downtown”, why he isn’t taking action to clean up some of the dilapidated “gateway” properties on the north side of downtown. Like the porn shop or that shack of a law office that are a blight on the northern entrance to our so called downtown…Oh wait, his name is all over that law office.

    Now I understand the rules of the game. They seem to be made up as he goes along and only apply to some.

  2. Don Carr Says:

    If the towns so worried about needing land to make a Gateway why are the selling the Harwood Plaza lands?

    The entire parcel is up for sale


    Karem: I had no idea about that, thanks. I know the owners of the Town Plaza are a collective group of people - investors and they
    never do anything to make the place look better. The one end of the plaza is really bad. The Town owns the land I believe, so they are selling the land then to buy the other one I assume? I don’t agree with the land purchase for the gateway purpose, that is not a good enough reason in my mind.

  3. Brian Johnson Says:


    Let’s be clear. This isn’t a land “purchase”. It’s expropriation. The town will pay the developer a price that they TOWN believes is fair and not a penny more. No negotiation, no wiggle room.

    Again, I think this is nothing more than the mayor creating an election issue in order to stack the council a little more in HIS vision of the town. He seems to continually create the impression of “who cares what it costs tax payers as long as his ego gets stroked?”

    How about WORKING with the developer to alter the site plan. Even if the town subsidizes the development a little bit in order to get some of the things the town (read steve) wants, it would be cheaper than what this is going to cost us. Oh wait, does our mayor even TRY to work with developers or they all Satan incarnate?

    Like I said earlier. Clean up that eyesore of a law office and the strip on the east side where the porn shop is before addressing things that aren’t even done yet.

    As an aside, what is all this about an amphitheater on the site? Didn’t councillor Jordan try that one in her first term on council down at the lake? Makes me wonder if the whole crew of the Parish Party sat down and planned this all out over a few beers.

    Karem: Your right, wrong choice of words on my part. I don’t agree with this at all, Econonomic Development is a large vague term that can mean a lot of things, the Province created a loop hole where Municipalities can expropriate for this purpose but it should have an automatic impartial set of eyes on it— The Province! . This is too much power for a lower tier government in my opinion. I want to know what Joe thinks, I emailed his office shortly after I learned about it and have not had a response.

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