Community Garden Project - Seeds of Hope

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If you want to be involved with this, helping to find space or helping with the building of it or helping with the maintaining of a garden once it is built please contact me through the blog.

In order for the garden to be sustained over the long run, it must be housed on public land - ideal is central in Ajax and close to transit.

I emailed the Town today and it is Saturday so they really don’t know my plan yet, I did speak to Pat Brown on the phone due to the fact the park in question is in her ward.

If this location is not going to be available then it is on to Plan B, that land is publically owned also.

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  1. Oliver Forbes Says:

    I will assist you in any way possible. I believe that Ajax not only needs a Community Garden, which I know you’re very passionate about, but also a Community Farmers Market where residents can go to purchase locally grown produce. Sure, there a few scattered spots you can go to purchase produce from local farmers. However I believe a centrally located market place would better serve the community.

    Have you had a response from the town on your request?

    Karem: No I have not had a response yet from the town Directly, Good thing I am involved with the CDCD initiative to have a garden. There is plans of two gardens I believe, there was a meeting yesterday. More info to come out. I will let them know you want to help out. There are many places where gardens should be, I have some other ideas also

  2. SM Says:

    There’s a few farmers markets around but they’re terribly expensive for some items. I guess that has to do with operating costs. I was in Kinmount recently and stopped to buy some strawberries from a local farmer. I thought it was grown locally but turns out to be from Bowmanville. One of the farms I used to pick strawberries from in Whitby has closed up and the other isn’t allowing people to pick their own anymore.

    It would be nice if we had more places close by where we could grow fruits and vegetables. The only problem is where are we going to have such a place and who’s going to maintain it?. There isn’t much land left in Ajax for farming and the land that does exist may not be very good. There’s an old farm at Bayly and Range Line that would be a good location. I don’t think anybody is using the land for farming anymore. If it hasn’t already been purchased by developers, perhaps the town could look into buying a small piece of it for this project.

    Karem: I understand about Farmers markets being expensive for some items but to me anything Ontario grown is “local” I like to go to Strouds just before Lakeridge when they have produce. There is a 100 mile Market in Pickering that is being sponsored by DWAC, Pat Brown sent me an email on it.
    Ajax is a proponent of the greenbelt, it would be nice to see a Farmers Market in the middle of Town so the citizens can support area farmers in a convenient manner, not everyone can get in their car and head North to the Farm stands.
    I am confident there will be a Community garden in Ajax, there is one I still want to see and offer some help, it is in Ajax and at a Church.
    I was at the Grocery store a while ago when the Ontario Strawberries were right next to the big USA ones, both were priced at 2/$5.00 — what is wrong with this picture? The Ontario berries just taste better! right out of the container is the real flavour test.

  3. SM Says:

    I saw the same thing at the grocery store this morning. How can USA strawberries be cheaper then Ontario grown ones?.

    I think having a community garden is a good idea. However I also think we should have done more in the past to preserve some of that prime farmland that we lost when development exploded in north Ajax. People don’t know what they have till it’s gone. It kind of reminds me of that song by Joni Mitchel. Pave over paradise and put up a parking lot.

    Karem: I know that song. I am waiting for Ontario blueberries! They are great on my Bran Buds in the morning :)

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