John Tory - Byelection

This has nothing to do with Ajax except for the common theme of byelections that are paid for by taxpayers.

I want to know who is going to pay for the byelection in the riding Tory will run in.

This is not due to a retirement or any other reason it is a purely partisan purpose.

I expect the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario to pay the entire bill, I am a taxpayer of Ontario and I do not want to subsidise a byelection that has nothing to do with democracy of the Province.

The people in Kiwartha area already voted , we all paid for the election process already.

Any byelection that is brought about from 100% partisan political purpose should be paid for only by the parties not Elections Ontario and general tax dollars.

It also bugs me that a Woman stepped aside for him. I hope an equally strong provincial Liberal from the area runs a credible campaign and wins the seat!

That’ll look great on Mr. Tory!

I do not object to tax deductions for contributing to a political party because democracy does cost us but — I only want to pay for the services of Elections Ontario when they are needed and for legitimate byelections.

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  1. Adrian Lambert Says:

    I think there is a lot of Liberal smoke being generated here.
    I think we should really look back in time and just look at some of the reasons for some recent byelections.
    In Ontario on September 18, 2006 Liberal Joe Cordino left politics to spend more time with his family. There may have been good reason for this and I don’t doubt that there was but it caused a byelection to be run.

    On September 25, 2006 Liberal Tony Wong resigned his seat so he could participate in a regional council race in Markham He won but there was a byelection called.

    On September 28, 2006 Conservative Can Jackson resigned his seat to run for Mayor of Burlington He won but there was a need for a byelection.

    The list goes on and on and on. Federal politics is no different than Provincial ones.
    Bill Graham decided to leave politics to become a headmaster at a school and we had a byelection that elected NDP/ liberal Bob Rae and Liberal Jim Peterson resigned so that Martha Hall-Findley could run in Willowdale. There was also a byelection.

    These events happen in each and every province and municipality throughout the country. It is a fact of democracy that gives the people the right to select indivduals to represent them in the various legislatures across the country.

    There have also been several members resign their seat so that their party leader could sit in a legislature. It happened to Tommy Douglas of the NDP at least once.

    Your are trying to say that byelections are OK but if they are for Conservatives then they don’t fit your measure of fainess and somebody has to pay.

    Shame on you for letting your “Liberal air of entltlement” show through.

    Karem: I am approving your comment now but I have my response that I will edit in later. I have to get ready to go skating. I will add that your wrong about me , I would be saying the same thing if it was Liberal.

  2. admin Says:

    I am continuing my comment here from above.

    John Tory assumed the Leadership of the PC Party of Ontario from outside the legislature, fine. Personally I feel all leaders of any party should already be in it with some political experience before trying for the top job but I guess it does not bother other people.

    Ernie Eves stepped aside to allow Mr. Tory to run for a seat in the Legislature. He won - swept to Victory. He already had the benefit of a byelection to get into Queens Park and begin his Leader Duties.

    He then leaves that riding and decides to run against Kathlynn Wynn, stupid mistake if I ever saw one.

    Now he has someone else stepping aside for him so he can run in a byelection to get back in the provincial legislature. A woman, which bugs me even more.

    Now can you see why it is this particular byelection that get’s to me ? I take every political issue on it’s own and decide how I feel about it.

    People never seem to care about byelections but they cost money to run and when they happen for no good reason then why should I as a taxpayer of Ontario cover the cost ?

    Maybe that money could help a breakfast program in a needed community run a few more months, maybe that money could help buy some textbooks in the schools. Whatver it could be used for would be better then on this unessesary byelection caused by Mr. Tory and his political aspirations.

    Again, it is only because Mr. Tory has caused 2 byelections outside of our regularly scheduled general elections that I feel this way. The PC party of Ontario should pay for this cost. Simple as that.

    I am going to contact Elections Ontario and inquire as to the cost of provincial byelections in the last few years.

    I know if the Liberals do something that equals this you will hold me to task to feel the same way and guess what, you won’t get an argument from me.

  3. SM Says:

    I think you probably remember my feelings on these bye-elections (especially here in Ajax!). Joe Dickson had been elected to town council. Less than a year later he’s running for the Provincial Liberals and wins. Now we spend roughly $40,000 to hold a bye-election to replace him on Ajax council (which I still insist should have been an appointment). Anyways, no sense in getting into a debate about old news…

    I am a Conservative Party supporter but do not support what John Tory is doing. Personally, I feel he should have stepped down after being defeated in the last election. It would have been in the party’s best interest if they had elected a new leader. John Tory ran against David Miller during the Toronto municipal election and lost. What does that tell us.

    Adrian has raised some good points. This is not just a Conservative thing. It’s happened in the Liberal Party too. He’s provided many examples of this.

    As for the issue of a woman giving up her seat to John Tory. I honestly don’t know why you’re so angry about it. What difference does it make?. I’d be more upset with the fact that it’s going to cost taxpayers about $400,000 to hold this election. If a visible minority had given up his/her seat to John Tory, then somebody would be upset about that instead. I don’t see this as the issue.

    Karem: $400,000 is that for sure what a provincial byelection costs in a rural area? Woman are not a majortiy voice in government so yes the fact a respected MPP who happens to represent an under represented demographic is something to take note of. It is an issue in times that government actively tries to recruit Woman into running.

  4. SM Says:


    I heard the estimate given ($400,000) on the news a few nights ago. You might want to confirm that figure. I thought it was rather high considering where it’s located.

    I have to disagree with your comments on women not having a voice in government. This is so untrue. Whatever happened to electing the best person for the job regardless of their sex?. Who’s stopping women from running for government?. The voters perhaps?. If you wanted to represent Ajax/Pickering as a Liberal/PC/NDP, you could register your name with the local riding association and the card carrying members would vote whether or not they wanted you to represent their party in this area (that’s unless the officials within the party decided to appoint somebody).

    If we wanted to be fair (aka politically correct) we could always appoint 50% women to parliament and the other 50% men. Each group would require a certain percentage of visible minorities to make everyone happy.

  5. Andy Says:

    This is one of the fringe benefits that politicians believe they are entitled to. Move over, I’m the boss and I am taking over. I hope the voters will teach him a lesson.

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