Election- It’s over, at least for a few years.

I am happy with the results of course and I hope this blog added to some local election excitement :)

To those that feel we are being short changed by not having an MP on the governing side, it is not true. I have read research on the fact and it turns out we are probably better off because Mark is aggressive enough to fight for us. In order for an opposition MP to be effective he has to be strong and that is Mark Holland. We win by having an MP with experience. Had Rick won we would be starting off at the beginning again, would Mr. Johnson have a cabinet position? probably not.

Now this does not mean I always want the incumbent to win . Sometimes change is needed but not now. Mark is still working hard and deserves the job.

I was a scrutineer in the election, it was my first time ever being able to watch ballots being counted. I was so excited about it and told people at work what I was going to be doing election night. <insert rolling eyes here> I was having visions in my head about the fate of who was going to be Prime Minister hanging in the balance in MY poll, it could have come down to a few questionable ballots. It did not of course but I was still honoured to be part of the process in this way and I will do it again. The DRO was nice and all the clerks were professional and only one ballot was lost. If only the government could be run as smooth and efficient as the polling station I observed.

Congrats Mark on your victory.

I have a letter to the Editor that hopefully will be in this weekends Toronto Star about how I believe the Liberal Party can be “fixed”.

Back to the Municipal Scene. I have a report card to work on soon.

If you see the letter to the editor and want to comment , please do so in this thread. Thanks.

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  1. SM Says:

    So essentially what you’re suggesting is that Mark Holland didn’t fight hard enough for Ajax/Pickering during the years the Liberals were in power.

    You’re suggesting (based on your research), that we’re better off having Mark Holland as an opposition MP because he will fight harder for this riding and will hold the government accountable?.

    If Mark is such a fighter, explain how come he didn’t hold his own government accountable during the investigations into ad-scam, the 1 million dollar boondoggle, and the numerous other incidents that came to light thanks in part to AG Shelia Fraser.

    Mark worked in a bank and later got into municipal politics before jumping to the federal level. He didn’t have a whole lot of experience when he jumped into the federal scene. So to suggest that Johnson wouldn’t be qualified enough is really absurd.

    Mark Holland did not win by a landslide. In fact, his support has actually dropped. Conservative support is growing and if this trend continues, I think Holland will lose his seat in the next election. Surprisingly, the Green party managed to collect over 3,000 votes from this riding. If you totalled up the Conservative, NDP, and the CHP, it would have outnumbered Holland. So, not everyone wants to be part of “Team Holland”.

    2004: 21,706
    2006: 25, 636
    2008: 21,607

    2004: 14,666 (Rene Sotens)
    2006: 16,992 (Rondo Thomas)
    2008: 18,471 (Rick Johnson)

    I think Mark did fine and this is now and not the past. I stand by my comment. We had a decision NOW to make a choice between Rick and Mark - Mark built up his experience, in his early years he was unexperienced. Why start again with a new MP especially in these “financial crisis” times.
    Mark suffers when the top level suffers, we can’t dispute it but at the door we heard the term “we are voting for Mark” overall voter turnout dropped so you can not attribute that to Mark alone. I will say that he did have a stronger Conservative opponent this time out also but in the end he did win.

    I do want to see change in the Liberal Party and I do support the leadership selection process of one member one vote. It has to be equally distributed so one area can’t dominate . The party needs to be rebuilt from the bottom up and not the top down it currently is. Ego’s are not my concern.

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