Is this the kind of Party Rick Johnson wants to be in ? Peter MacKay does not like “outsiders”

The following is a copy of a note I typed in facebook and I tagged a lot of people to spread the comments I had to make.

Are the feelings toward outsiders expressed by Peter MacKay , Minister of Defence shared by Rick Johnson the local Conservative Candidate ?

Ajax- Pickering has a lot of “outsiders” living in it.

————————– here is the text of my facebook note.

I read an article in today’s Toronto Star that cements my decision to be a Liberal.

The article is in regards to the close race being predicted for his riding of Central Nova.

MacKay, the minister of defence, dismissed such talk as wishful thinking. In an interview, he described May – who was born in the U.S. and spent years in nearby Cape Breton and Ottawa before moving to New Glasgow – as an outsider who doesn’t understand the riding.

“There’s a tradition here that goes back many generations,” he said.

Here is the link to the full story

My thoughts:

Elizabeth May came to Canada in 1972 that is 36 years ago and has been a contributing member of Canadian Society ever since. She is from the east and spent some time in Ontario before going back to Eastern Canada.

Is Nova Scotia in a bubble that someone must have lived their entire life there before ever considering running for public office ?

What Mr. MacKay has essentially said to Canada is that if you’re a hard working Immigrant don’t ever think you can serve your community because you are an outsider and you are not part of a political dynasty that has been a tradition here for generations. You are an outsider that is only allowed to contribute tax dollars but not your ideas.

His statement appeals to small minds and is desperate.

Canada is a country that is built on Immigration and the immigrants from Ireland, Scotland and England are no better then the immigrants from India , Africa or even the USA.

I have seen this sort of appeal in Municipal elections here in Ajax, a town that has a large amount of new Canadians that are right off the bat alienated because they are made to feel like they don’t belong because they are not from here their entire lives. They court the new Ajax citizens vote but the material states loud and clear the candidate has “lived here all their lives” Message is- you are an “outsider” don’t bother running.

I voted Green in the last Federal Election but then I had the opportunity to get to know Mark Holland and I am confident that he is the best choice to represent me in Ottawa.

I am not voting for Mark because he is from here all his life , it does not matter at all.

I hope Elizabeth wins her riding and creates a new tradition of- if you don’t do your job, you are not re-elected.

Political office is not a birthright and people need to stop treating it as such.

How many other Conservative candidates don’t like outsiders?

I tagged “Friends” on my list that have contacts spread across the country and media people in my list. Pass this around if you want to.

One media person in this list has practically every single Canadian Politician in his friends list, please pass this on to Mr. MacKay !

Happy Thanksgiving!

Karem Allen

2 Responses to “Is this the kind of Party Rick Johnson wants to be in ? Peter MacKay does not like “outsiders””

  1. Adrian Lambert Says:

    That spin you try to put on a comment by Peter Mackay is a fine example of typical Liberal doctrine. Take a true statement by an individual and put a spin on it that was never meant or intended.
    Peter MacKay was stating the obvious to members of his riding. An “outsider” is one who does not normally live in the area nor have any ties to the area and is not aware of the specific needs and concerns of the area. As an example, I would suggest is an individual who lived in Halifax or Vancouver and decided to run in Ajax would be considered to be an “outsider” to this area as they would not be aware of the many concerns people who live in the area have . An example would be the concerns that folks who live in this area have about the number of Doctors ( or lack thereof ) available for families who have just moved to the area or have lived here for some time. Another example would be our hospital and the many concerns resident users have with what is going on with this issue. The proposed airport is a concern by many residents of this area. None of these issues would be initially obvious to someone who has been parachuted into the area for political reasons.
    To try and put a spin on this statement that would link Rick Johnson to your negative spin is shamefull at best and blatently dishonest. Rick has represented this area well over the past 20 odd years and has served Durham Region with distinction.
    Elizabeth May decide to run in Peter MacKay’s riding, not because she was concerned about the issues of the residents of that riding but to make a political statement and give her some publicity. If you look at the many polls being done on her chances to win that riding you would see that that is not going to happen. I cannot begin to guess as to what Ms May is about other than I find it interesting that she made a deal with the Liberal leader not to run Green candidates in his riding and no Liberal would run against her. How dishonest for the supporters of those two parties. Now Ms May is telling folks ( even Green and NDP) to vote Liberal if they think there is a chance to defeat a conservative candidate. That has sure upset a number of people within her own party.
    I am going to suggest that Ms May will not win a seat in parliament and she will also be replaced as leader of the Green Party as she has sacrificed the principles and platform of the Green Party for her own personal agenda.

    Karem: When I read something that uses the term “outsider” combined with “Traditions” combined with “born in the USA” as someone who has an issue with someone who is not from the area their entire life. That was the point I am making. I see it all the time. Peter MacKay seems to be telling residents that they should vote for him because of this family “Tradition” it does not wash with me– if I lived in that riding that is.

  2. SM Says:


    I think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill.

    I think you’ve taken McKay’s comments out of context. There’s some truth to what McKay was trying to imply but perhaps he should have worded it differently. I don’t think he was suggesting in anyway that “outsiders” shouldn’t be eligible to run for parliament. I think he was making the point that the people would rather elect somebody who knows the area and has spent their entire life in that riding versus someone who hasn’t. There’s nothing wrong with that. Have you never heard Liberal or NDP candidates brag about their family roots in a certain town or city?. In all fairness, Elizabeth May has not spent a lot of time in that riding, let alone the Province.

    How do you justify electing somebody like Michael Ignatieff who spent 30 years outside the country to only return and be quickly given a riding to run in during the last election. Sure, he may have been born in Canada but he spent most of his life in the States.

    Do you really think McKay is against outsiders? Look at the Conservative Party itself. It’s made up of many people who were born outside the country. You have Diana Ablonczy who was born in the United States. There’s Tony Clement who was born in the UK. You can find the entire list on the government website.

    You asked how many other Conservatives members don’t like outsiders. I’d ask the same question about members of the Liberal and NDP parties. Do you think this is only exclusive to the Conservatives?. Even if these types of people actually existed you’d never be able to prove it. Nobody would admit to having those beliefs regardless of which party they belonged to.

    I don’t quite understand why you would think new Canadians in Ajax are being made to feel alienated. What examples do you have that this has taken place?. Anybody (regardless of sex or race) is eligible to run for municipal government. I remember several people of ethnic backgrounds who ran for council. Who’s fault is it that they didn’t get elected?. It’s up to the voters in this town if they want to elect a familiar face or somebody new. That’s how the process works.

    Your (Liberal) friend MPP Joe Dickson always made a point of advertising how he was a lifelong resident of Ajax and had family roots in the area. I don’t think that helped him get elected. The fact that he was a familiar face, had a name, and did a lot of volunteer work is what got him elected on council.

    I would like to see the current bunch we’ve got sitting on Ajax Council replaced but it’s unlikely to happen based on the number of people who bother to vote. We need new people with fresh ideas. The current council reminds me of the Rat Pack.

    You said it yourself , he is asking the residents to elect someone who was born and raised there. Any party that uses this residency for what seems like forever is silly. The point I was making with Elizabeth May is that she has been in Canada for over 20 years and McKay felt it important to state that she was born in the USA when it is clear she has spent the majority of her adult life here in Canada and contributed to society here. Many feel she has enough roots in Eastern Canada to be a legitimate candidate in the area. She ran down there before, lost but had ran in an election in the province of Nova Scotia, I don’t consider her an outsider.

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