Sewers- Deer Creek — Pipes, so close yet so far away

I may not have been very clear on my issue with the 20 year old approved housing subdivision in Deer Creek and made it out like I wanted every single rural house on full city services.

Not really, if you flee the urban area for the country and it is a long way to your neighbours house then no I would not expect you to be hooked up to city services , you chose to live in the boonies and that is your price for it. Well water and a septic tank.

There is a part of Ajax however where they started in the boonies but the Town caught up to them, I am talking about the landing strip of Ajax greenbelt and areas near Deer Creek and Taunton Road/Rossland area. You drive by it many times no doubt, on your way to the Sportsplex perhaps.

Residents have asked to connect to the Water service pipe that runs along Rossland Road, pay to connect to it even, not at the taxpayers of Ajax expense and the answer was no. Why ? Not asking for sewer service but only city water.

There are residents that live near the water pipe that services Deer Creek but again, they were not allowed to hook up at their own expense for water.

Here is a segment of the email I received.

Deer Creek is more remote and away from major roads, farms, and have acre and larger lots.
Outside of Deer Creek there are a number of lots that are under an acre including mine that have a well and septic tank…over the years your well will be contaminated.
Lakeridge and Rossland are major roads….salted in the winter plus auto and heavy truck pollution.
We are more south than Deer Creek as well and closer to built up areas plus we have lots of farm runoff nearby.
The Link to the 407 will bring more contamination along with the expansion of Lakeridge, interchange at the 401 and widening of Rossland.

So even if Deer Creek paid for the service to be extended for initial connection all the taxpayers in Ajax subsidize the sewer treatment plant , it’s employees and Water services.

I guess this is the Region then that says no to some residents that are in the Greenbelt but yes to the Rich people.

If a pipe with clean drinking water passes by a property don’t you think properties along that route should be able to access it ?

Finally here is the email from Scott Crawford on the issue. Renrick did not respond to me, I copied him because this area is in Ward 2.


Hello Karem, you know that the majority of homes north of Taunton Road and east of Audley Road are on well water and septic systems. Deer Creek had municipal water (paid for by the developer) back in the mid-eighties; sanitary was brought in with the construction of the banquet facilities. As far as I know there is no time schedule to bring municipal water or sanitary services outside the urban boundary. - Scott Crawford


So again, is this fair to a portion of residents in Ajax ?

Here are some interesting facts on the delivery of Water in Durham Region, straight from their website here.

Water Supply System

Before it reaches our taps, water undergoes a thorough purification process. It is screened to remove debris, chemically treated, filtered, disinfected and then pumped to a distribution system before it reaches our homes. All the water that comes into our homes, whether it is used for drinking or watering lawns, must go through this extensive treatment process.

Water is treated and tested in accordance with the Ministry of Environment requirements, which regulate both quality and quantity. After treatment, water is delivered to the customer through a system of watermains, pumping stations and reservoirs.


Paid for by all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit– This to, I was wondering if water and sewer was paid for by users only— Nope it is not.

4. Water and Sanitary Sewerage Services total $219 million,
of which $121 million is funded from user fees based on an
individual customer’s water consumption.


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  1. admin Says:

    I received an email from Steve Parish, I will post it over the weekend.

    I was in complete shock to see an email from the Mayor in my inbox because he NEVER responds to me.

    I think it was one of his 3 assistants that wrote it. It seems all the councillors share one admin but he gets 3 ? :)

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