Fair Representation - Support from Pickering - Sort of

I just saw this article online and it gives proof to an opinion I have voiced to some people.

Rick Johnson did not take a leave of absence to run in Federal Election, he said in an earlier article that he will continue to serve his local constituents and be able to fulfill his duties. His pay is going to charity but he did say he was going to work.

He was absent from the vote. If he had voted his motive is called into question.

He should be taking a leave of absence and leave Charity donations to the taxpayers of Pickering. Who get’s the tax receipt for his salary donation ? The City of Pickering or Rick Johnson ?

4 Responses to “Fair Representation - Support from Pickering - Sort of”

  1. SM Says:

    It must be just a coincidence that we’re in the middle of a federal election and Mark Holland is suddenly discussing the need for more regional councillors. Why didn’t he bring this up prior to the election?. Nevermind what Mark Holland thinks. It should be the people of Ajax who decides whether or not they want more regional representation. Let’s put it to a vote!. Afterall, it’s the taxpayers of this area who will be paying for these new positions.

    You mentioned that Rick Johnson should, “take a leave of absence and leave Charity donations to the taxpayers of Pickering”. Hmm, how come nobody complained when former councillor Joe Dickson ran for the Liberal party in the last Provincial election?. If memory serves me correct, he also decided to donate his pay cheque to charity while continuing to serve the people of his Ward. I don’t remember too many complaining?.

    Karem: I won’t speak for Mark as to why he wrote the letter but he did and Rick who did not support looking into this issue did not show up for his council’s vote on the issue to just look at it, no committments to do anything about it. It just contradicts what he said — He will continue to represent his constituents in local government— he didn’t. Here are his exact words.
    “I’ll continue to fulfil my responsibilities as a Pickering councillor and as a Durham Regional Councillor for the next 33 days,” he said. “However, I’ll be donating my net pay to the hospital from my City of Pickering job, my Pickering salary.”
    Fufilling responsibilities means showing up for votes– no matter how large or small the issue. This issue is a thorn in Rick’s side in Ajax. He dodged it.

    I believe politicians should complete their terms or at the very least leave seats no more then a year vacant but never appointment.

  2. admin Says:

    His reason in the Minutes for being absent from the council meeting was federal business.

    There is a regional council meeting on October 8th I beleive, watch the roll call and he better be at that meeting — the entire length of it or I expect a note from his Doctor or Stephen Harper! :)

  3. Kurtis Says:

    Actually Karem, Rick did take a leave of absence. Rick meant he would still be taking calls from his constiuants and still serve them. Mark is only suporting this because it gives him publicity in Ajax. If he was still a regional councillor would he have voted for more RC’s? i dont think so!

    Karem: Sorry Kurtis but you are wrong, a leave of absence means you do not get paid while you are away, he is donating his net pay– after taxes are off. If you state fufilling your duties, that means meetings and votes. If he took an actual leave then it would be in the minutes and the roll call should state leave of absence and no other explanation. This is the way I see it.

  4. SM Says:

    I think Rick Johnson now supports increasing the number of Regional Councillors.

    Karem: Is there something in the paper that states this? How do you know ?

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