Development in the Greenbelt

I am sure you all read about the approving of the Estate Homes that will be in current Greenbelt land.

I saw the public meeting listed and based on the lot description I read about I was sure it was in the greenbelt as the application did not mention that part. I contacted the town and the planning department confirmed it was in the greenbelt but they said it was grandfathered in as it was approved “in principle” but I only found out it was 20 years ago, 1989 that it was first approved from the newspaper.

The fact it is in the greenbelt is a bit of an issue for some I bet because they are sitting in greenbelt land and they can’t do anything with their property, especially those on the north side of Taunton Road across from current commercial development.

The part that really gets me and I am sure others in Ajax is the fact these new homes will have full sewer and water extended to them. I don’t know if the houses currently on Deercreek have water and sewer but I sent a note to the town asking for all the areas in Ajax that are without these services.

There is an area in Ajax not hooked up to sewer or water and they are south of Taunton in the greenbelt also.

How is this fair? do only rich people that move into the greenbelt get water and sewer ?

Is there a plan to bring clean drinkable water to all residents in this town ? Did you even know there are people living in Ajax that draw their water from a well? I have seen their water and no wonder they buy all the bottles- they have no other choice, all the development in the north has altered the water table and affected their wells and the town does nothing but they will extend water and sewer to the soon to be built castles.

What do you think about this ?

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