“City of Ajax”– Community Safety presentation

I was at the rally for Stephan Dion prior to arriving late for the presentation of the Draft Ajax Community Safety strategy , this plan will be presented to Council in October. It is a good plan on paper and I hope the aspirations in it are realised. Common themes raised by the large number of citizens in attendance was early intervention with youth and the need for more access to recreation programs for youth before they get into trouble. Building neighbourhoods and supporting communities. Traffic safety and feeling safe while getting around town. Getting to know your neighbours.

After School programs were mentioned a lot , after school programs IN the schools , where the kids already are to be more specific but this is tricky because after school it is the choice of the Teacher to volunteer to stay after school to run something and I know I like to go home right after work. The community needs better access to the facilities in the schools.

People were concerned it would not be sustained over time. The Town has partners with this endeavor from agencies and the Region of Durham , Regional Police is also a part of it with their pro-active programs.

How do we measure success for this plan ? will there be a scorecard? what is the measure of success or failure ? Why did it take a new resident of a few years to have a problem of “Teen drinking binges” in a woodlot near his home solved after being told -”It’s been going on for years” by the Town and the Police. It was going on for years and nothing was done. It took cops on bikes , chaining benches so they could not be moved for comfy drinking. It took a resident being involved though , that is what it takes. We must all be partners in community safety.

The funniest thing I heard was when the Asst. CAO while addressing the audience referred to us as the “City of Ajax” well it’s about time, how many “Small Towns” do you know of that have a population of 90,000 + ??????
Besides if we are to be included in Hurricane Hazels’s “Cities Now” campaign, we better start calling ourselves a City! :)

Ajax has a larger population then Pickering , wait a minute, that’s it. We are now going to be called a city so we can get that additional councillor at the Region level just like those other Cities- Pickering, Oshawa.

City of Ajax—- I feel more cosmopolitan already!

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  1. admin Says:


    There is a community safety event coming up, read the letter in Advertiser from the Town.

    I personally do not believe Ajax is a warzone.

    We have our issues like any other urban area.

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