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To those that think I am bias…. You are right. I am not a journalist so I can have opinions :) I am a Team Holland Member and I will do what I can to help send Mark back to Ottawa.

We are in an election now and even a Federal election will have local perspective.

What are the issues you feel are important ? Is this election even registering with you? I heard on the radio this morning that our leaders debate is scheduled at the same time as the Palin - Biden US VP debate. How dumb is that?

One thing I want to comment on, it seems that our government is moving to the model of the cell phone industry.
When you are a new customer to a mobile phone service provider you get all the savings and great deals, then ask what you get in a year as an existing customer! The mass amount of spending going on right now is just the same.

CBC says the excise tax on diesel will be removed if the Tories win, ok why not last year when the truckers were protesting around the world due to the high cost?

All comments will be approved as long as they adhere to my rules. I will not edit Conservative supporters opinions :)

In regards to the Green Leader and the debates, the party crossed a milestone in the last election, they qualified for Government funding so really Elizabeth should be allowed in. The Party is National in Scope. I understand not letting in every fringe party but if funding is obtained it should be granted debate status.

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  1. ShaunM Says:

    I feel the opposite to you Karem. I’ll start by admitting that I’m NOT a supporter of Mark Holland or his party. I’ve never quite understood what the attraction is. There is a growing number of people in this riding who are now supporting the Conservative Party. I think the people are finally realizing that Harper isn’t as “scary” as the Liberals tried to paint them. In 2006, Holland only got 25,636 votes. That’s hardly a landslide. If you combine the votes from the other 4 candidates that ran against him, there were almost 27,000 people who voted against Holland.

    I was not impressed with Holland during the last election and all the mud he was digging up on Rondo Thomas. I’m also not impressed with his conduct in Parliament either.

    Holland is praised for his support against the airport in North Pickering. This will be his legacy. What many people don’t realize (perhaps they are too young to remember) that it was his LIBERAL party who first expropriated that land in the early 70s. Many heritage homes have been destroyed as a result. What did Mark Holland or the Liberal party do to stop it while they were in power?. They had 13 years!!!!. Correct me if I’m wrong Karem, but wasn’t Mark in favour of that airport when he was on Pickering council?. Every so often he tours that area and gets his picture taken but that’s about all that ever happens. I’m not interested in hearing what he’s doing now to stop it. He HAD the chance to do something when his party was still in power.

    I hate to burst your bubble but I think you’ll be seeing the Conservative Party winning a majority this time around.

    Karem: One Liberal government can be vastly different from another Liberal gov’t. You have your opinion and I respect it. One nice side effect of high gas prices is that the demand for air travel is declining. We don’t need an airport.

  2. ShaunM Says:

    I forgot to also mention that Elizabeth May did get her wish to participate in the debate. It was announced this afternoon and got the blessing of Harper and Layton.

    Karem: Yes I heard that, maybe it was all a stunt to create buzz and excitement? the amount of support was large.

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