Kawartha Miniature Project

Here is a link to pictures I took on Saturday at the First Openhouse of the Kawartha Miniature Project. Select slide show to see the images larger.

My friend Peter Elliot was moved to create something for Peterborough after hearing about the closing of Cullen Gardens. All the buildings have history in the Peterborough- Kawartha area.

It has been opened for one season and the buildings are beautiful, more are in the works.

Normally the Riverview Village is only able to be viewed while riding on the train in the zoo, the Open House was a chance to see the buildings up close. M.P.P. Jeaf Leal was there to present a plaque from the Trillium Foundation.

If you get a chance to go to the Peterborough Zoo , make sure you ride the train to see the village.

This is a volunteer endeavor and they are hoping to recruit more members.

Edit: Peter did not build the miniatures in this set, the members of the group be formed did, Peter is working on a building for it now though.

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  1. ShaunM Says:

    The village looks fantastic!. They did a really good job creating them.

    It’s unfortunate what happened to our miniature village at Cullen’s Gardens. It would have been nice if the property had been sold WITH the village. That’s what attracted people to the place. On the otherhand I don’t think the village was worth the money Oshawa had originally paid for them. A new village could have been created for a lot less. Somebody got rich from that deal. Certainly not the taxpayers.

    Karem: Sorry , I thought I approved this already. Brain still in the summer zone!

  2. Peter Elliott Says:

    Thank you Karem for including the Kawartha Miniature Project on your blog. This project is an achievable dream that took very little energy to initiate because it was totally inspired. Inspiration does not require motivation because motivation is included in the package.

    I hope to have Riverview Miniature Village progress to beyond Kawartha country and represent buildings from all over the province. It is a democratic group so the membership will decide that.

    Please come view the buildings at Peterborough’s free Riverview Park and Zoo. The train runs weekends weather permitting and only costs a buck.


    Peter Elliott
    President and Founder
    Kawartha Miniature Project

  3. Karem Allen Says:

    I hate to report this but my friend has told me the villiage was the victim of vandelism. They will have to seek space indoors at the zoo.

    Many of these miniatures were built by retired seniors.

    It is a shame that the small minds of some took pleasure in causing distruction.

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