Back to School ???? When I think we should vote for Trustees

This is going to tick some people off but in my true natured self…. I don’t care.

In the 90’s when they uploaded education to the Province it was done I guess to make things more equitable across the Province, make all school boards poor so at least the child from Rosedale will be as bad off as the kid from Kapuskasing.

Whatever your thoughts on this does not matter because it will never be reversed and I bet most municipalities are happy to be rid of dictating tax increases for education. It is easier to point and blame the province for all things education and the Boards do the same thing– “we don’t get enough money” , there will never be enough I think.

However we pay a portion of our property taxes to education and the rate is set by the province.

We are left with School Boards that get money from the province and the money from the Municipalities that are acting only as tax collectors. The teachers are part of a large collective bargaining unit that bargains with the province and when they need to they go board by board.

We are now in the situation of wondering what action will be taken and if school will start on time. I do not like this one bit.

Think about this, local elections have the lowest voter turnout and education is barely a mention at all, the flyer’s come from those running for trustee and you scratch your head wondering who the heck they are.

The Province deals with the teachers first , the Province provides the funding, here is a novel idea …….
We should be voting in Trustees when we vote for the M.P.P’s. Whenever there is a provincial election we should vote for a trustee. Simple as that. More people would actually take the time to vote for a Trustee.

Some think that school boards should be eliminated along with trustees, I watched channel 11 last night out of Hamilton and Lorraine Summers who has a column in the Sun thought there should be one provincial school board. I’m not sure on that because Toronto would dominate a lot. There is a volunteer Parent Council with each board to give more voice to Parents– I thought that is what Trustees were for but one is free and the other is not. Hmmm something else to think about.

So what would our school boards look like now if the Trustees were voted in at the last provincial election ? No party affiliations just the names all on the same ballot.

School Funding was the biggest issue, I want to hear what the Trustees have to say when more people are actually paying attention.

What are your thoughts on this, I am very interesting in hearing what you have to say.

Do you know the name of your School Board Trustee ? Did you cast a vote for a trustee in the last general Municipal election ?

One Response to “Back to School ???? When I think we should vote for Trustees”

  1. Scott Templeton Says:

    I don’t disagree with you…except you left one very important fact out of your story……School Board Trustee’s are in charge of the most important commodity that we as man and women kind know. That would be our children, not just mine or yours but ours, as in everyone from Ontario, everyone from Canada that have elected School Board Trustee’s.

    I think the Trustee Position should be separated from the Municipal Election as well and your right it could be tied into the Provincial Elections. Right now a School Board Trustee gets voted in on name recognition and name recognition alone most times is all that it takes.

    The only ones that vote for a school board Trustee at election times are people the have children in the education system and care about something personal. Other than that here’s what I have heard…I will us Oshawa as an example….I asked a resident of Oshawa who they voted for in the 2006 Municipal Elections for School Board Trustee (Remember they can vote for 3)…one his/her votes was for Kathleen Hopper (Not that bad of a vote), but here’s how the person came to vote for Kathleen….Kathleen is his/her Mothers name, now how sad is that…..I’m not going to tell you how he voted for the next two, lets just say thats how we picked teams in public school….

    So do I agree with your points, of course, but how do you make people more aware of School Board Trustee’s… could send home an election ballot in every child’s nap sack, but guess what, that would never make it home either and judging by the knowledge of some of these Trustee’s that might just be a good thing.

    Templeton Out!

    Karem: Thanks for the comment, Yes the children are precious but everyone pays whether they have kids in the system or not and they should be voting on how their dollars are spent. I will save more of my opinions on school boards and education when my son is safely out of the minefield known as a classroom :)

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