Lots of stuff going on-

I am working on some “misinformation” where I have I heard that term before??? I get the feeling that if residents know something Council/Staff does not — we are misinformed :)

Pavilion: Those are my tax dollars at work so I want to be able to access the area and not feel like an interloper but I don’t want to be where I am not welcome, please find a solution and work with the community.

Citizens of Ajax, there has been a few issues I have read about in the paper that have residents trying to be heard. The most important day to be heard is election day and we still get less then 30%, way less then that coming out to vote. Take those feelings and remember them in November 2010! Is it fair that about 23% are voting in the 7 people that are charting the course for this town???

No it is not.

GM- What a story but I have to admit I don’t get how the auto industry works sometime. Lear claims it has to shut down because they make the seats for the Trucks. Why would an entire company put all its eggs in one basket? Why didn’t GM make their own seats then? Is this how the industry works? you set up a company but you can only have one client? Can’t Lear sell their seats to Ford or some other company?

I see a few Hummers driving around town — personally, I would be embarrassed to drive a vehicle like that now. It’s a tank– why would anyone need to drive that.

Where were the red shirts made the GM workers were wearing on the blockade?

The textile industry over many years moved overseas and barely a whisper — it was primarily woman’s jobs I guess so it did not matter as much. I remember the American commercials when I was a kid and the slogan is still in my head “look for the union label” the tune is still in there also, well it didn’t work did it.

I am slowing down with the blog over the summer months. News advertiser may be getting worried about me , no letter to the editor in a while either!

I was in Port Dalhousie on the weekend and read the local paper, Thorold residents with proof of residency could purchase a rain barrel great price! Here is a local program but no price mentioned- anyone know?

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  1. ShaunM Says:

    I’m glad to see you back to the blog Karem. I was starting to worry. This is the only place where Ajax residents can discuss what’s happening in our community.

    I’ve got mixed feelings on that Pavilion. Is it something that we really need?. Could that money be used towards something else?. For instance, how about constructing a new outdoor swimming pool?. The one at the town hall is old and too small. I don’t know what purpose this Pavilion will serve when we’ve already got one sitting at Rotary Park. The area slated for the new Pavilion is already too crowded and I’m not sure that having another building will do anything for the landscape.

    You mentioned that people want to be heard in this town but less than 30% of residents participate in the municipal election. I share the same opinion as you do on this issue. I’m honestly sick of listening to everyone complain about our town and the people running it. I hear the same complaints day after day. The funny part is that most of them never bothered to even vote!. So I don’t think they have any right to complain. There’s also a lot of folks here who seem afraid to vote for anyone new. I’ve seen a lot of worthy candidates over the years but yet we continue to elect the same group of people time and time again.

    The situation at GM and Lear isn’t looking good and it’s unfortunate that people are losing their jobs. I don’t think these plant closures should have come as any surprise. The writing was on the wall a long time ago. I’ve heard a lot of people blaming the high gas prices and the US housing market for the slump in truck sales. I’m not convinced that their poor sales has anything to do with the gas. Perhaps people just can’t afford the cost of buying a new vehicle anymore, nevermind the price of gas. Why pay $40,000 for a vehicle when you can buy the same vehicle a year later for half the price.

    There’s no doubt that these job cuts will affect the local economy. With Air Canada and other companies announcing layoffs, things will only get worse.

    Karem: I am not saying everything they do is wrong, a lot of good stuff over the years has happened, a town would be pretty boring if the only thing to offer was- “Ajax, our roads are not falling apart” The pool is something that needs attention, I agree.
    I just wish there was this general feeling of the town wanting to work with people and not brushing off their concerns.
    In reference to high fuel costs I want to add that the Durham Public board passed a motion to raise the fuel allowance to 50 cents a kilometre, so the towns are already at that or will be soon. Trustee Dolstra did get a provision that if prices to receed that the allowance be looked at again, like a sliding scale I guess.

  2. Kate Says:


    The local rain barrel link doesn’t work, and I’m very interested in knowing more. My parents and I are both looking for rain barrels for our respective houses and we’re finding it next to impossible. Nobody seems to know anything about them, where to find them, how to install, etc.

    Such a shame!

    Although, I guess this year, we’d need an industrial sized barrel to catch all the rain ;)

    Karem: Thanks for comment, I don’t know why the link is dead now but it would be nice if we had a regional program to purchase rainbarrels at a reduced rate also.
    I found this, it says expired but there is an email address. Please let us know you find any. Home depot sells a rain barrel pump but no rain barrels, go figure.
    I have one more week of work then I am on vacation, I have a few posts to write then I will be off the blog and practically offline for the rest of the summer.

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