My Doctor is leaving town- Are we under-serviced yet?

I received a letter in the mail a while ago, it was from my Doctor’s office. She never writes so I was immediately concerned about the contents of this letter.

She is leaving her practice at the end of May and has offered a few choices, enrol in her practice somewhere in the core of the city, find a new doctor and pay to have my files transferred. I managed to get in a final appointment before she leaves. This also leaves the hospital with one less Doctor.

Now is not the time I want to be without a regular doctor even if I can’t get to the office all the time there is comfort in knowing you have a regular doctor that has all your info in one place.

Awhile ago at a council meeting we heard that Ajax was applying for under-serviced designation. What is the result of this application ?

I think Municipalities can assist in recruiting doctors. Property tax relief for a period of time for a family practice set up.

When we first moved here our banking was still in the city then when it was time to order cheques we transferred to the local banks. I kept my doctor in the city since I was working there and it was before I had my son. She is no longer taking new patients and I have been gone from her too long that I am considered new.

I hope all the new people moving to the new houses in Ajax don’t expect to find a doctor here! Here is a terrible thought that people in New York City may have when reading the obituaries, “I wonder if they have a rent controlled apartment” well here it could be soon , “I wonder who their Doctor was because now they have a patient opening”.

Terrible I know but we maybe thinking this if we don’t get more doctors here!

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  1. ShaunM Says:

    I’m very thankful that I still have a family doctor. I know of many people who are without one. This area is growing by leaps and bounds and our healthcare system hasn’t been able to keep up with it. Our doctors are aging and will want to eventually retire. Every so often I have to visit a specialist at the Oshawa Hospital who is 70 years old!. He’s the only doctor in Durham who looks after this particular condition that I have. We did have another doctor but he moved out to Alberta (I wonder why!).

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