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I gave my delegation, members of the Ontario Ombudsman office were there and no one even bothered to ask them any questions, councillors that voted to spend OUR tax dollars in the event there is an investigation at a cost of $1,250.00 per day plus expenses— no minimum or maximum are the following.
The Mayor, Colleen Jordan— no it is not the $300 per year that is the problem! — Joanne Dies, Pat Brown and the new guy– Renrick Ashby.

The Councillors that do not want to spend OUR tax dollars on this particular program are Shaun Collier and Scott Crawford. I may not always agree with them but on this issue they listened to me and supported my efforts.

I sort of hope we have a complicated closed meeting complaint then you people can really see what the impact is and why I pushed on this. No one cares and they take it as passive consent.

Well if a few thousand dollars or more get spent, then let’s see what you think about it. The “Training” is a sham!

There is no extra cost to the taxpayer to take a closed meeting complaint to the Ombudsman. I left a few folders with information provided by the Ombudsman — free training!

There was a recorded vote to send to higher levels of government a resolution to ban junk food advertising targeted to kids.
I guess the cereal aisle at the grocery store better start stocking them in plain brown wrappings! Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for kids! — do they still make that one?

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    Agreed. Talk about ritualized drama of mutual pretense (I mean your Council) and Local Authority Services (LAS). When I knew LAS didn’t bother to show then I knew the Ontario Ombudsman’s office wasted its time showing up.

    Like why pretend?

    Which reminds me. I got some interesting FOI back from your HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAaaa… municipal government.

    Karem: I have been in a bad mood for a few weeks so I thought it best not to write :) I will on the weekend this time. Send me your information pleaese.
    What is it about?????

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