Comments- general information - Ward 2 report card.

I would like to remind that comments will not be approved without a valid email and name. If for some reason you can not have your name published I can make exceptions on a case by case basis. However all emails must work— Got that Mr. Floppy Ears ! thanks for the Chocolate however.

When posting comments before you hit submit make sure you have your name and valid email in the boxes and the word to prove you are not a spambot. This is wordpress software that is installed on a webserver , it is not perfect and depending on what information is not filled in, you may get an error and not the warning to copy your comment before hitting the back button.

Just to be on the safe side— if you are planning to write a long long comment — type it in notepad first or copy it before submitting just in case.

I have a few posts and notices to do over the weekend. I have more information from the Church issue and that will conclude the posting from question responses.

Strategic Planning meetings are coming up soon— Ward 2 is even being held in Town Hall — why????

If anyone was at the East waterfront pavilion meeting, feel free to send in a note on what transpired.

I link directly to the Town of Ajax Public meeting schedule - so if I miss writing about something that you figure I should be- click the link and check the schedule.

I have a notice for RASAN also regarding Miles Park Issues and landscaping. They are looking for input from the Local Community. This is good news. I will copy it to the RASAN page area after I conclude this post.

The last post I made– just some April Fool’s fun :) He could not win anyways, NOT by a longshot - a very very long one!

I almost forgot. I have been getting email since the Ward 2 by-election asking if I was going to do a report card on the new Councillor but I refuse to post them due to slanderous content.

In about 6 months I will post a report card on his performance in a few areas of things I think are important, photo opps will not be graded.

If anyone ever has a problem with anything I write please send me an email outlining your issue. There is no need to speak to my friends, contact me directly. Thanks.

I am happy to see comments from new names in the listing, that is why I opened it.

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