Just something to watch - Steve Parish to replace Steve Gilchrist?? just speculating

Read the linked to post about Steve Gilchrist - who is QM I wonder :)

I saw today in the Star our Mayor being quoted in the property tax story in Toronto Star, I will write more on that later.

Is our Mayor for the Airport since it is a —”driving force” to draw business. Is our environmental greenbelt Mayor wanting a polluting airport overhead?

Hasn’t the Mayor been all over the media lately?? hmmm makes one think, what is he up to? quite a few recent appearances on First Take Live, manages to get himself in the Toronto Star as being a quoted Mayor on issues. Using Council to make comments about higher levels of Government.

Could he be raising his profile for something???????

I seem to recall him reminding Ward 2 candidates to not use the Council chamber question period to campaign and there would be no tolerance for it.

Well he better remember that and practice what he preaches.

See why it is important to watch the local level? very very closely I will add! This could be perfect timing and no by-election needed for Mayor either , the next person could get the job just like he did— appointed then be the incumbent. Doesn’t anyone run for Mayor in this Town and win elections or do we just appoint everyone to be Mayor?

It is far easier to be re-elected when you were appointed to the job!

2 Responses to “Just something to watch - Steve Parish to replace Steve Gilchrist?? just speculating”

  1. Quito Maggi Says:

    Interesting speculation Karem, it does make one wonder.

  2. ShaunM Says:

    I think it’s highly doubtful that we’ll ever see Gilchrist replaced by Steve Parish as the Conservative candidate in the next federal election. As far as I know, Gilchrist has already been appointed to represent this riding. It would be up to the riding association to decide whether or not they want Gilchrist replaced. Either that or they would have the membership vote on it. They’d only replace Gilchrist if they thought Parish could win against Mark Holland.

    Personally, I think Parish is looking at Roger Anderson’s job on Regional Council (that’s if his job ever becomes an elected position)

    I sent a note to him on facebook asking him(Gilchrist) if he resigned, wonder if he will answer! :) I am far from saying what I wrote is true, just some interesting coincidences that’s all. First Take live was not something Mr. Parish did, now he is all over the place, everytime I pick up the dam paper - Toronto Star he has managed to be in it. Maybe someone is playing an April Fool Joke *wink*

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