Why am I doing this blog Edited for Gender Clarification

I am sure people wonder why I am doing this and why we should care about local level politics. It can be pretty boring at times because talking about a pot hole would put anyone to sleep if it were not as exciting as what Mississauga had about a pot hole.

I was very disheartened with the turnout at our last local election and over and above wanting to see certain people at that table I want to see more people take part in the process of selecting our councillors.I feel people do not pay enough attention to what is happening and we just let them carry on their merry way and they think no one is watching– well some people watch in the weeks before an election but all the time between elections is when we also have to be paying attention, a few diehards go to council meetings all the time.The majority do not and the majority do not even read our local paper to know what is happening.

Ajax is not the focus of the Toronto Star and other papers.I will go to meetings when I can. The goal of this blog is to make you AWARE, to make you CARE but most of all to make you VOTE.

I will be adding links to other sites that are related and focus on other councils. Contact info is still to be posted. I can be emailed at voicesofajax@hotmail.com  you can find me on twitter at @VoicesofAjax

(Ms.)Karem Allen Voices of AjaxVoices of Ajax is a wholly owned entity of no one but myself. The only blogs that I have given permission to link back to me can be found on my Other Ontario Watchdog sites page, some have some do not link to anyone. I am not affiliated with any Partisan Political blogs of any party.

This statement will be copied onto that page and the about me page. The opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

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