It’s Official- Last post in this Category- Ward 2 byelection [edit]

Well it is over now, Renrick Ashby is the sworn in Ward 2 councillor. Congratulations and best wishes.

Renrick is a lot of first but one thing that is not reported is that he is as far as I know the first “commuter” to be on Ajax Council. Renrick is currently a Senior Planner in the City of Toronto - Scarborough Division. He does not have to quit his job in the city, according to the Municipal Elections act, the word “the” in the act as opposed to “a” in the Candidates guide online at the Ministry means you can not work and be an elected official at the same time in the same Municipality. Renrick only needed to be on leave only during the campaign.

Some may want to make comparisons to the issue the Durham District School Board had in regards to a trustee that was not able to take the position after winning. The teacher was in a union so that made the situation different, legislation was not about her being in a union though, just the motivating concerns.

The job of an Ajax councillor is part time, we can’t expect people to quit full time jobs for life of an Ajax Councillor.

[edit] For the record, I sent an email asking if he was able to do both jobs, I was nowhere stating anywhere Renrick had to resign, I believed him when he said he was able to do both. I never got a response from anyone in the email but I have been informed by someone who did get a response - Thanks for passing the message on.

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