Renrick Ashby - Ajax Ward 2 By-election– Unofficial Results.

There were 20,000 or so eligible people to vote in this by-election and Renrick won with a results of about 700 or so. Pathetic!

What the hell does it take to get people to care? 1,823 people voted.

The road to 2010 starts now.

Note to Royson James– Renrick is NO OBAMA.

Now that the election is over some may think this blog will close– Nope, now the real work begins.

Unofficial Ward 2 By-Election Results

Candidate Votes %
Renrick Ashby 751 41.20
Al Williams 280 15.36
Chandra Kumaran 212 11.63
Oliver Forbes 211 11.57
Randy Low 174 9.54
Brian Johnson 88 4.83
Christopher Crawford 76 4.17
Kevin W Kretschmann 12 0.66
Uthayakumar Nadarasah 11 0.60
Raymond W Durrani 8 0.44
- 1823 100.0

Please, people remember that Councillors can also be VOTED OUT!

10 Responses to “Renrick Ashby - Ajax Ward 2 By-election– Unofficial Results.”

  1. ShaunM Says:

    The voter turnout was absolutely pathetic. The people of Ward 2 (with the exception of those 1,823 voters) should be ashamed of themselves. There shouldn’t be any excuse why they couldn’t make it to the polls. It was even held on a Saturday for crying out loud.

    I hope this by-election was worth the $40,000. In my opinion, the town should have appointed somebody to this position. With only 1,823 voters, we could have saved ourselves a lot of money. It didn’t help matters that we had 10 candidates. Surely some of these folks knew they didn’t have a chance of winning. All they did was split votes.

    It would be interesting to know how many people turned out for the municipal election last October in Ward2.

    Karem: You mean Provincial election last October. I am upset also. I saw more cars at Loblaws and Sobys then I did at a polling station. I am not going to say you are correct in an appointment because I don’t believe in appointing someone to elected office when there is more then more then 2.5 years left in the term.

    I agree that the residence of Ward 2 should be ashamed of themselves, it does not take much out of someones day to go and vote, it does not take much to read some literature that comes to your door to get a bit of an idea about the candidates.
    It does not take much to go to a website and read some more about a candidate.

  2. ShaunM Says:

    Sorry, I got the dates mixed up. I meant to ask about the voter turnout for the last municipal election (not Provincial) which was held in the fall of 2006.

    It’s hard to say why very few people voted on Saturday. Is it possible they were just fed up with local politics and decided they didn’t want to participate?. Could it be possible the weather had something to do with it?. Who knows.

    Those Ward2 residents who didn’t vote have lost their right to complain about how our council does business.

    Karem: Yes you are correct, don’t vote, don’t complain. Hey let’s tie Snow removal to voting????

  3. K. Mitchell Says:

    Shaun M; Why is it so hard to imagine a poor voter turn out on a Saturday?! For most families, Saturday is the day full of Kids Hockey, shopping, socializing and life in General. Do you not have the stats from the advanced polling? I truly hope that I am reading your comment incorectly when you suggest that the Town apoint someone to save money, where is the accountability and social resposability in that!? YOU should be ashamed for that comment!!

    To Karem Allen: Renrick is no Barrack Obama….you’ve got to be kidding me. Comparing a Town election to US Politics is perverted at best. Renrick obviously worked the hardest, and after meeting him in the past 2 elections, is very personable with a background as a city planner and a good knowledge of Municipal workings. Maybe the best man won, ever think of that? I would love to see your name on the next ballot…….by the way, I’m home alot and NEVER heard from any of the other candidates, or saw their literature.

    Karem: If the election was on a M-F there would be another list of reasons as to why people did not vote. A Federal election also has people at the mall and at Hockey but they still find time to vote.

    The reference to Barack Obama was the article in the Toronto Star that Royson James wrote and Renrick was lucky enough to be mentioned lower down. It was not me comparing him to Barack but I found it insane that Royson was writing about Renrick in the article that he was talking about Barack Obama who really is to be admired.
    Tell me why a telemarketer called me and called Renrick– Rennick? He paid for people to call voters?
    Renrick has to prove himself now until 2010 because 751 votes is nothing to be proud of and the word incumbant certainly will not be taken the same way as it was with Joe.
    Overall voter turnout in municipal elections is pathetic- I don’t care if you spend all day at the rink or in the mall , it is your responsibility to vote, it takes minutes to stop in and vote. That argument does not hold water.
    I received literature from the majority of candidates but I live in an older area with mailboxes at the doors. The newer houses have a challenge with supermailboxes and no mailboxes at the house, perhaps it just got lost.

    Thank you for commenting, I appreciate you taking the time to comment on the blog, it shows you care at least.

    It is good that you feel strongly about Renrick representing you but in order for him to really be a voice for Ward 2 , more then 751 needed to show that support. The empty chair received more votes if you really think about it.

    He benefited from 10 names on the ballot and that is undisputable.

    How is someone from within the existing Municipal workings — Change? He is more of the same in my mind.

    Please continue to be a commenter on the blog.

    Also in regards to “worked the hardest”— ask Chandra about that!

  4. K. Mitchell Says:

    Time will tell just how well Renrick does in this term, I will agree with you on that. I will still say that I think he is a hard worker, maybe because he is the only Candidate that stoped by my neighborhood (which happens to be one of the oldest in Ajax, of which another candidate lives 4 houses down), I tended to notice him a various events around the town. And I do think that having experience in city planning and civil engineering will benefit council. Lets face it, with all the building just about done, and Ajax’s share of new permits on the decline, we need some practical approach to our already urban sprawled town. Maybe an answer to the low voter turn out is the high amount of first time home owners and renters in my area? In any event, I check my mail box often at home, and have now become a fan of this blog (I’ll be checking this often to).

    Karem: Well neighbour — yes we live in the same neighbourhood! Perhaps you will have a chance to meet Oliver and others another time. Yes this neighbourhood is considered “starter homes” well I started and we are still here! These are nice small homes that serve many people’s needs, I don’t need a house so huge I never see my family in it. I have a concern perhaps that eventually we may start seeing what I see in Toronto, people buy them tear them down and next thing you know we are living next to a Monster Home. I have thought about running but right now I have a son who is still in elementary school and other interests. I respect the roles of office but I will not worship someone just because they decided to seek office, it is their choice and it saddens me when I see they are serving themselves first and citizens second— most politicians that is not anyone in particular. I invite you to come to council sometimes if you have not done so recently- we can carpool! :)

  5. ShaunM Says:


    Do you think the voter turnout would have been different if this was held on a weekday?. I suppose you’d find excuses for those people too (working late, picking their kids up from daycare, stuck in traffic, etc etc etc). Everyone has an excuse. These same people complain about not having time to vote, yet they’ll waste 15 minutes sitting a line at a Tim Hortons drive-thru.

    Yes, you read my comments correctly about appointing somebody to the councillor position. No, I’m not ashamed for making those comments.

    You speak about accountability and social responsibility. Maybe that’s something you should ask the previous Ward 2 councillor about. Mr.Dickson was re-elected to Ward 2 in the 2006 Municipal election. He wasn’t even there a full year when it was announced he would be running as a Liberal candidate in the Provincial election. As a result, Ajax taxpayers were left paying $40,000 for this by-election to replace him on council. I can think of 101 better things to spend $40,000 on.

    Taxpayers could have been spared the expense by appointing somebody to the position (or just leaving the seat vacant until the next election).

    We complain about our taxes going up year after year and people wonder why

    Karem: Ok I don’t want a comment war here.

  6. Scott Templeton Says:

    I do have to say I thought the turn out for the School Board By-election in Oshawa was poor (2100) and voting was on a Monday. But then again that was for school board, I was knocking on doors this past weekend for Oliver and many, many people were confused as to what day was voting day. When I told them it was Saturday or Today they questioned this logic from the town, since most people are programmed to have election day on a Monday’s.

    Karem: It does not matter, if it was today then something else would have prevented them. It is pure and simple apathy. I am not expecting anyone to become a municipal political junkie, besides I don’t think our council could handle anymore people taking them to task :) .
    I discussed the outcome with my carpool this morning 3/4 are from Ajax and all 3 of them said they would be more inclined to vote in the municipal elections if it was combined with a higher level of gov’t. They claim the majority of people are voting for the Party anyways. They said, nobody knows them. Provincial is fixed date when in a non minority, it would make the most sense to combine Municipal elections with that one — maybe. Think of the $$ saved. This should be looked at, I will add it on to my list for Joe!

    It is harder work to follow on the local level that is for sure and the media does not help out much unless you have to select one Toronto Clown over another.

    I will say the Ajax Citizen Engagement and Diversity Advisory Commitee does not get a good mark for this because they have been in a committee since last year and who has been Engaged????? 1,800 or so it seems.

  7. Scott Templeton Says:

    I say lets make it really simple and devise an online voting system that will take away the laziness factor!!!!!!!!

    If you don’t vote shut down their internet…LOL

  8. Patricia Wiggins Says:

    As a person with disabilities and trying to get accessibility to sidewalk issues - Ward 2 - Joe Dickson was the only one who forwarded me to the right people to address my concerns - recently (February 2008) even after Joe had moved on, he still called me over 2 weekends to help me and others with disabilitities to get our sidewalks fixed. I sure hope my vote helped make a difference for the new Member for Ward 2. Joe cared?and still cares about the people of Ajax. Sincerely, Patricia Wiggins

    Karem: Thanks for the comment and thanks for voting. However where were the rest of the voters? I am upset that those that came out to continue to vote for Joe did not care enough to vote for his replacement.

  9. A Leggett Says:

    The issue of low voter turnout is not surprising, as this is a univeral phenomena in both municipal elections and by-elections in general. The primary focus instead should be on the people who actually did vote, and on the total numbers. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place candidates had less votes combined than Mr. Ashby. Mr. Ashby amassed 41% of the total votes cast in a 10 man race. The next candidate, Mr. Williams, had 15% of the total votes. Regardless of which candidate you are supporting, from a numbers standpoint, this is a convincing win. Looking at the individual polls, Mr. Ashby had nearly 60% of the total votes at Notre Dame, 41% of the advance polls voting, and 42% of the total at Mclean’s. These are consistent numbers, and again, against many formidable candidates such as Mr. Williams, Mr. Low, Mr. Forbes, and others, this margin of victory is significant. The only place he failed to gain the majority of the votes was at Lord Elgin, where Mr. Forbes had the most votes. These are the tangible numbers. The final point to make is that Royson James alluding to Renrick Ashby in the context of Obamamania has to do with the fact that visible minority candidates across the globe, especially black people in North America, are deriving inspiration from the unprecedented run for president by Mr. Obama. He is not in any way, shape, or form, comparing Renrick to Obama, that is actually quite amusing anyone would make that comparison, because Barack is one of a kind. However, Barack will definitely be a trailblazer for many candidates in the future, and the support of Obama within nearly all white states, such as Vermont, indicates politics has transcended racial lines. When Mr. Ashby knocked at my door, this would be one trait I would definitely attribute to him, and this, along with his wealth of experience and knowledge in his work as a planner, is exactly what this town needs.

    Karem: I see your point on the numbers but still it just shows who got their supporters out more. If the numbers overall were larger and the % remained the same then yes you are right and though I don’t like it I accept the outcome of democracy. This was not it. What if the overall turnout was 100 and Renrick got 50 votes– that is 50% support, is that good? No it just means that out of the 100 people that cared he managed to get half of them, it is not a cross section. Maybe we only need 100 people to vote and treat it like a poll? is 100 people out of 20,000 a true representation?
    What do you think can increase turnout? - Thanks for voting and for commenting also. If a muncipal election was like a leadership convention then fine but nobody made me their delegate. Hey now there’s an idea, Street Delegates???
    I was mad when I made the Barack comment, I know he was not comparing him but he was just lucky to be in the column about the diversity issue. /em>

  10. Alexcia Says:

    I find Canadian voters from the middle class to be very apathetic and complacent. Nobody cares about anything until they get their land taxes raised or someone decides to move a delinquent youth shelter into their comfy little hamlet.
    They believe that if they work hard enough and make enough money they will live comfortably. Most dont take into consideration that small changes in public policy can disrupt happy little lives.
    I had to explain this to too many people; when your land taxes get raised by even 1% dont complain, when your street takes forever to get visited by the snow shovel because we dont have enough resources to hire more drivers or buy more trucks….dont.. complain.
    Its disgusting how less than 10% of the population doesnt vote in an election that could end up affecting them directly. Im not coming up with excuses for them but maybe consider that they have been un/mis informed.
    just a thought

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