Clarification needed from News Article- Candidate Meet and Greet

I was copied in an email that was sent to Mike Johnson and Keith Gilligan. The platform statement of Oliver Forbes was a not stated in full and the entire meaning of it is changed.

The following is the full text of the email. If any other candidate needs to point out anything that was misinterpeted I will post it– ANY CANDIDATE.

Dear Mr Gilligan: [typos corrected only]

Thank you for covering the Ajax candidates forum held February 13th. I believe that by making this a front page article the News Advertiser draws attention to the importance of the by-election. Hopefully your effort will translate into increased voter turn out on March 1st.

I write to draw your attention to a misinterpretation in your atricle “Ajax has municipal election fever” appearing on page one of the February 17th Ajax News Advertiser. And I qoute, ” His platform includes returning garbage collection to weekly pick-up service and work with youth to get them more involved in activities”.

After review of the address during which I made reference to the challenges of bi-weekly garbage pick-up for families reliant on diaper use, we found that I said the following:
“For those of you that want to see responsible waste management such as the young mothers, mothers with young children, we will work with regional council to have garbage pickup returned to weekly pickup in the summer months when it is hard to store diapers and all that.”

Since the appearance of your article I have been confronted with negative comments citing the News Advertiser’s article about the resumption of weekly pick-up for garbage. I am now forced to clarify the ommission of the summer month being the condition which was missing from the report.

Would you please inform your readers of the error and affore the insertion the same prominence as the original article itself? I believe this error could make or break our camapign as we become bogged down with defending a statement we did not make. Your clarification of the true statement would certainly go a long way to satisfy your readers of the truth and allow us to continue with the business of campaigning.

Gentlemen, thank you in anticipation of your favourable action on this matter.


Oliver Forbes

I would be posting this no matter who sent it to me.

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