Candidates Responses received– and those that did not Participate

Here are links to the responses I have received. I was not expecting all 10 but I am rather disappointed with the results.

In order of receipt in my email here they are. The pages are in the pages section on lower right side of blog.
Here is a direct link.

Brian Johnson-
Randy Low
Oliver Forbes

Thanks to those that took the time. See below for who did not participate and my comments.

Now here are the names that did not send response after verbally telling me they would.

Uthayakumar Nadarasah - I spoke at the Candidate Meet and greet and was verbally given indication that I would receive response.
Chandra Kumaran- Had some email problems with document but I responded that answers in a body of email would suffice- I have the questions already.
Christopher Crawford- Verbally indicated to me he would be responding and I resent the questions to his father’s town email as a backup. I am on the Voters list with a phone number, if an issue prevented submission I could have been called.

These names never responded to me directly at all.

Kevin W. Kretschmann - Did not make it to the Candidate meeting , yet spending money on some signs– What is your motivation for being in this campaign???
Questions that come to mind are– Who are you helping by way of vote splitting?
If you are wanting political experience , not participating in surveys or candidate question answer sessions are not the way to go about it. We will remember if we see your name on a ballot in the future! Municipal elections are not to be mocked or used for alterior motives.

The following Candidate questioned the fact that I wanted to ask questions in the first place. Felt the one and only candidate Meet and Greet would suffice.
Raymond W. Durrani —
If you want to replace Mr. Dickson, access is the number one priority.

This Candidate questioned by integrity

Renrick Ashby – I delayed the responses until after the Candidate meet and greet and still no participation. I verbally told this candidate that the fact he questioned my integrity hurt my feelings.

Al Williams - This Candidate verbally told me he would not be participating and felt I treated him badly, I disagree, my email has always been open and willing to accept any explanation for anything I posted in regards to “appearance” of anything.

It is now 11:46 pm so there has been lot’s of time, I did not send my survey through the CDCD unlike Toronto Probe that used the resources of a local agency and are NOT EVEN from Durham or Ajax.
My one and only question in the CDCD listing is #39 appx. — the first 14 were Toronto Probe THEN the questions from Citizens of Ajax.

Make sure you VOTE but really think about it first.

6 Responses to “Candidates Responses received– and those that did not Participate”

  1. Kim Sadler Says:

    Where is the link to the CDCD questions & answers from the Ward 2 candidates community session? I submitted one but could not make the meeting.

    Karem:I was sent the questions, you have to keep watch on the website. I heard yours asked verbally also.

  2. Richard cooke Says:

    When a publisher - and that is what you are - openly takes sides and supports a candidate, all impartiality is lost. In he eyes of all the other candidates, the probability that anything they tell you will be twisted to support your own candidate is 100%.

    You don’t even have to actively twist the words. Just the plain fact you have in your publication your positive articles on your favourite candidate will totally negate any positive effect of having “all candidates” stuff.

    Meaning, quite literally, it is not worth the candidates time to answer you.

    I have not spoken to any candidates about this matter, this is totally my own observation and theory.

    PS: Isn’t this the same argument you advocated against the “meet the candidates” choice of forum?

    Blah! :) I was fair — I disclosed my friendship with Oliver, I am human. I used fair as in I gave everyone an alternative platform to reach a different audience. I did not edit comments from those that do not support Oliver or reject them. The Blog was not a Mouthpiece for Oliver in disguise.
    Also I disclosed I was a supporter, CDCD did not have anything stating a Board of Director member contributed to the campaign of a current candidate in their last bid. That was my main issue, not the forum but the association, perhaps OI was extreme in making my point but I felt and still do feel it needed to be public the connection of Board members with a candidate– no matter who that candidate was. I can’t change the way people perceive things because I also perceive things certain ways.

  3. Brian Johnson Says:


    I’d like to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for putting this survey out and being involved. As a citizen of Ward 2 you have every right to ask questions and you have every right to expect answers from those who seek to serve you.

    If people don’t want to answer because they “think you’re being unfair” or feel that “you have treated them badly” then I’d suggest that they do some serious soul searching as to whether this job is for them.

    For the record, I’d like to state that you and I have only gotten to know each other recently through this by-election process. I knew at the startof this that you were a supporter of Oliver and I think that’s great. He’s a good man and would do a fine job. With that said, you have, in my mind, ALWAYS been fair and balanced.

    Randy and Oliver, good job for answering. Most of all though Karem…good job for asking and being involved. No matter how this election turns out I hope you keep it up.



    Thanks, yes it was nice getting to know you also. The blog will continue and the asking will continue and I have a proposal that will come out after the election is over and I am sure you will be interested unless you are a councillor that is, then I won’t let you :)

  4. ShaunM Says:

    It’s rather disappointing that only three candidates made the effort to answer your questions. I think it speaks volumes about who’s serious about this by-election and who’s not.

    Although I’m not a Ward2 resident myself, I happen to enjoy local politics and looking forward to the outcome of the by-election in Ward2. I don’t support any of the candidates, but do agree/disagree on a few things they each mentioned….

    Brian Johnson…
    - I don’t see what difference it makes whether a candidate lives in Ward 2 or not. As long as they live in Ajax, what’s the problem?. Would a resident from Wards 1, 3, or 4 be less informed on what’s happening in Ward 2 than somebody who actually lives there?. I highly doubt it.

    Randy Low…
    - Mr. Low claims that “With increased industrial development, the tax burden on residents will decrease and the infrastructure within the town can be maintained”. I’m not so sure that I agree. What happens when all our land is gone Randy?. Our taxes will go through the roof!. So far, all the development we’ve seen over the past 20 years hasn’t done much to decrease the tax burden for taxpayers. I haven’t seen any major improvements in the way of infrastructure. Take a drive down Kings Cresent and hold on to your seat. Council is talking about nailing us with another 3.25% tax increase. Yeah, that sounds like peanuts but it happens YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR. It does add up!. Then the Region comes along and squeezes the taxpayers for more money. People are getting fed up with it. This by-election is costing $40,000. Another waste of money which should never have happened. I won’t name the person, but a good friend of mine complained to a member of council a number of years ago about the high taxes and how he was barely able to survive on his pension. Guess what the response was by the person on council. MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE!!. Nice attitude.

    Oliver Forbes….
    In regards to “Fair taxes” Mr. Forbes is suggesting “a program that would offer, seniors and disabled residents on fixed income, tax relief or tax deferral if the increase due to property assessments”. I’m all for lower taxes (especially for seniors) but regardless of which level of government offers to cut taxes, you and I both know that somebody else has to make up for all those lost tax dollars. So who will it be?.

    I did read with interest the question put forward to the candidates about running for a Provincal seat in 2011 and whether or not they would resign their seat. I was also very interested to read their responses about how costly these by-elections are to municipalities when a councillor doesn’t finish his/her term.

    About the only person who made any sense on that topic was Oliver Forbes. This by-election will cost taxpayers $40,000!!!. The people of Ajax should be outraged. The laws should be changed to prevent this from ever happening again. We always hear about all the good things Mr.Dickson has done for Ajax and I agree that he’s always been very involved in the community. If he had plans of going Provincial, why did run in the municipal election ?. He could have saved the taxpayers a lot of money.

    Thanks Shaun, I wondered what had happened to you. I know you are not supportive of the by-election but I do feel it was needed. The cost of it yes— something needs to be done.

  5. Brian Johnson Says:


    Just to respond to Shaun

    I think you may have misinterpreted my response. I’m actually in agreement with you. There are people in Ward 2 who feel that their councillor should live in the ward. Given the disproportionate amount of capital spending in Wards 3 and 4 that has taken place in the past few years I can sympathise with them.

    I am actually a resident of Ward 1 and, although I understand their concern, I believe that where a councillor lives is not necessarily important.

    What I took exception to was Mr. Ashby’s comments at the forum where he mentioned that…and I quote …”anyone who is running for this position that doesn’t live in the ward is just chasing a seat on council”

    I felt that comment was an insult to EVERYONE on stage and an insult to Joe Dickson (who is a resident of ward 4).

    I have run for council twice now. Both times I have met a number of outstanding people who I hope to build friendships with. Among these people are Oliver, Karem, Randy and a number of people who I have met at the doors. In some cases people have welcomed me into their homes where I have sat with them for an hour just listening to their concerns and getting to know them. All in all it’s a great experience. However, it’s hard. It’s more work than one could imagine. It’s exhausting. It’s cold and it’s expensive. For ANYONE to denegrate ANY candidate simply because they do not live in the ward is a terrible thing. There are candidates who I desperately hope never get in but, even still, I know how hard they have worked and whether they live east or west of Westney Road or North or south of the 401 does not at all speak to their qualifications to serve.

  6. ShaunM Says:


    I think we’re both on the same page in regard to which ward a councillor happens to live in. I agree that it’s not necessarily important.

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