Questions to the candidates- Ward 2 Byelection

Here is a link to the page on the lower right.

These are the questions I sent to all 10 candidates. I see now I left the word out to mean potential councillor, no one pointed it out anyways.

Do any of those questions appear to favour any one candidate? Here is what was in my mind when I wrote them.

1) Being a resident of Ward 2 — Renrick Ashby was very big on this in November of 2006 so I put it in there for his benefit.

2) Parkland Distribution, I did this for any councillor that was from the North End of Ajax that has the perception that we have not been treated equitably in this area.

3) Planning Experience, Two of the candidates are running on the platform that includes experience being a Councillor(Randy Low) or a Planning Staff member(Renrick Ashby), I was giving what I call a do-over, if there was anything that perhaps one of them wanted to do differently, an opportunity to explain.

4) Voter Turnout– self explanatory.

5) Planning , I am very big on planning and I think it is very important, I did not even ask about taxes, figured others would take care of that.

6) I gave a delegation in regards to the Closed Meeting Investigator and it is an issue I was involved in, I want to know how a future councillor feels about it.

That’s it, my questions for the most part took some thinking and could not easily be answered with what I call campaign fluff.

in 20 minutes it will be 8pm so later I will begin posting the responses I did receive.

I get a lot of email, not a lot of comments because I don’t allow comments without a valid email and name. I do have a readership but some Candidates I guess do not feel they are worth anything. Some readers don’t want to have their name live forever on the Internet and I understand that. My readers for the most part are just people I know. Voters.

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